Travellogues: How much did it cost me to travel to Taiwan?

I get many questions about how much it is to travel around Taiwan. Because I’m jealous of Nonnie, I will now also detail how much it cost me to stay and travel around Taiwan.

Plus I can refer back to this next time someone asks haha.

FYI, most of my travel plans in Taiwan are based on Nonnie’s ones. 😀

Return Air Fares

Brunei to Kota Kinabalu (RBA): BND 93
Kota Kinabalu to Taiwan (AirAsia): BND 315

Hotel & Accommodation (Per Person)

– In Alishan, we stayed in 美麗亞山莊 (I have no idea what this means. Until now I dunno what my hotel is called cause none of us can read Chinese. But according to Google Translate it’s US Villa Maria?) = BND 11 (1 night)
– In Kaohsiung, we stayed in Cozy Planet Hostel = BND 24 (1 night)
– In Taipei, we stayed in a Love Apartment = BND 25 (Per night)


Taipei Airport (Tao Yuan) to Taichung (By Bus) = BND 12 (per person)
Taichung to Alishan (By Car) = BND 50 (per person)
Alishan to Chiayi (By Car) = BND 10 (per person)
Chiayi to Kaohsiung (By Bullet Train) = BND 18 (per person)
Kaohsiung to Taipei (By Bullet Train) = BND 65 (per person)
Taipei back to Tao Yuan Airport (By Taxi) = BND 60 (BND 12 per person)

As you can see, transport and accommodation in Taiwan is generally very cheap especially taking into account the high level of service.

Won’t say too much now. Do stay tuned for the rest of my travellogues! 😀

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