Foodie Focus: Grazie Mauri Revisited

So apparently, Grazie Mauri now serves tapas. And I LOVE tapas! They’re like a selection of little tidbits, or appetisers which in my brain, if you eat enough with bread can be a full meal! Yummies!!!

Tapas from left: Zaziki, Hummus, some creamy caviar and olives thingie, and two prawn tapas. Yes I am the master of explanation.

These are to be eaten with bread! Below is a fluffy warm pita. You may also eat with foccacia.

I love love sopping up the sauces with bread. Seriously!

Another notable item from that night is the Fisherman’s Basket. Oh so good and I love the presentation!

Prawns, fish, squid, all in one basket. The sticks on top are actually spaghetti that has been deep fried. I love the rustic feel of this dish.

I also loveeeeee the moussaka!

So so good!!! Come on over to visit Grazi Mauri for a round of tapas. 😀

View the whole album here.

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