Foodie Focus: Grazie Mauri Central Italian Cuisine Promotion

I make it no secret that Italian is my favourite cuisine. Well, Grazie Mauri is one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Brunei. But here is the truth: I dread writing this post and I dread looking at these photos.

Why? Because this dinner was soooooooo good!!!

Ok ok, let’s start from the beginning. Last week, Chef Aira called us in because he wanted to us to try his new Central Italy promotion.

Grazie Mauri Central Italian Promotion

Very interesting. We tried all of the above dishes, but here are my favorites. They deserve my utmost recommendation.

Grazie Mauri Central Italian Promotion

Acquacota Toscana: This was a hearty soup! I can have this as a whole meal on its own. Perfect too because that night it was raining and this really hit the spot. There’s the bread, the mushrooms, the tomato base and the amazing, perfectly poached egg on top. Have it with a crack of black pepper and it is absolutely drrrroooooooolicious!

Grazie Mauri Central Italian Promotion

This giant steak is the Bistecca Alla Fioretina, which is English for, the BEST steak I’ve ever had. Beef is from the Italian cow and it’s served with black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, pink salt and an amazing balsamic reduction.

Grazie Mauri Central Italian Promotion

Priced rather steep at almost BND$60, but it is a huge 1KG** chunk of meat. Yes 1KG. So this is a dish to share between 2-3 people. Unless of course, you are greedy.

**Usually steaks are served in 250g portions.

Grazie Mauri Central Italian Promotion

Chef Aira will personally come and slice the beef for you. And inside the Bistecca is lusciously blushing. I gave it a sprinkle of salt, and a drizzle of the Balsamic reduction and it’s like heaven in my mouth.

And this is why I dread writing this post. Makes me so hungry!

The Bistecca is served with some vegetables and fries, but who cares? I surely didn’t!

Grazie Mauri Central Italian Promotion

Dessert was a sweet, simple and colourful affair, a slice of the Zuccotto Di Gelato. I need it to console myself. After all, the Bistecca is gone.

Other photos up on Facebook.

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