Ohai July: Month of Love

Hi all!

Yes I haven’t been blogging in a while. You guys are so mean! I thought I deserved a 100 Day Break after my 100 Day Project no? Apparently not. Even my dad asked when I am going to blog again. Haha.

So here I am. Thought I’ll give u something to read about. I’ve been up to many relatively fun stuff the past few weeks!

1. Discovered the best false eyelash in the world!

July Love 2011

Dollywink!!! I was in McD’s and extremely overdressed as usual for chicken and burgers, but these lashes are the softest most natural lashes I’ve ever worn. Love!!! If not for their amazing length, they would look very natural.

2. Excitement when Bridex was here.

By excitement I mean, terror over Jerudong, Sengkurong and neighbouring villages while they rehearse.

July Love 2011

Went with Boipren to Jerudong beach the weekend before Bridex to see jet fighters practice their airshows. We just came from Bestfriend’s wedding. Very interesting how many thought of doing the same haha.

July Love 2011

While Boipren stood on the rocks taking the above photo, I stayed in the car enjoying the aircond. Anyway, I know I’ve been to the last Bridex, so this is a terribly bimbotic thing to say, but gosh, jet fighters are really fast! LOL

July Love 2011

Here’s something u don’t see everyday, a father and son under a blue Avon umbrella while looking at jet fighters. Hehe.

July Love 2011

And the price to pay for climbing on Jerudong rocks: spike plants. Jerudong is so ghetto that even the plants have spikes. Haha. East coast rules! 😛

3. After the teaser above, I went to Bridex anyway. Well, technically I went there twice cause Green Bank is the official bank so had to work. Nyeh! But I don’t mind cause I have A parking passes which means I get to park inside. I just imagine myself as the Fuhrer saying OPEN THESE GATES YOU FOOLS!!!!! to the guards.

July Love 2011

Went with my sister in her new car (above).

July Love 2011

Got my phone charged by a US$60,000 gadget. Pretty cool.

July Love 2011

Had the loveliest froyo! BTW I love that there are so many froyo places now all over Brunei. I hope it will keep on growing cause u know I love froyo!

Then went to the Rimba Air Force place:

July Love

This huge ass airplane is amazing!

July Love

And apparently helicopter blades are really long. LOL. Never thought about it until I actually saw this heli real life. No wonder it’s so fast haha.

July Love 2011

These boys just lounging about. Enjoy life!

4. Sang at Bestfriend’s wedding!

July Love 2011

Haha. We all did! That was fun!

5. And while we’re on the subject of singing, I went to the headquarters of Magnifhobia Productions: the Basement Studio!

July Love 2011

Featured for the very first time online. Haha. I must say it’s pretty cool. A litle rough around the edges but very very cool.

July Love

Completely homegrown and local. Down to their soundbooth. I am.. impressed!

July Love

There’s some old fashioned technology happening there to keep it from falling apart. Haha.

By the way, don’t ask me what I was doing there it’s TOP SECRET! 😛

6. KB Trip with the Girly Bloggers!

I’ve been seeing a lot of these girls lately. Relatively a lot cause usually we don’t see each other more than once a month!!! Which is sad. Last KB trip I couldn’t make it so this time I made sure I joined!!!

July Love 2011

Beach time! As usual. I make it a point to go to the nearest beach when I’m with them.

July Love

Why not right? It’s a very relaxing thing to do. I LOVE BEACHES!

Then we proceeded to eat the whole of Belait District.

Nul Hajika July Love

Mee Gulung, Roti John Hongkong Style with Cheese, Fries in Nul Hajika.

July Love

2 dozen Oysters, the Rib Eye Steak, Prawns, Mussels, Escargots, Grilled Squid, Grilled Fish, and an obscene amount of fluids in Buccaneer.

After all that, I may not have photos of us buying food in the KB Perayaan, but that doesn’t mean we did not buy any food in the KB Perayaan!!!!

July Love 2011

Relax first at Nonnie’s zen home. Banar, I was so full I was really bursting at the seams!!!

7. Don’t tell anyone I ate all the food above ok! Otherwise I will tape your mouth and make you hold a peace lantern like this boy below:


Poor Omar but terribly cute. Believe it or not he did that himself! 😛

After all this, guess what the next post is about: FOOD. Be warned.

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