Foodie Focus: Spaghettini’s New Menu & My Dream Dinner

Perhaps you’ve heard, Spaghettini has a new menu. Gone are the days when all they have are pastas and pizzas. Usher in this whole new era of gastronomic delights! Eseh. But in all seriousness, I know we all associate Spaghettini with Italian food so this new menu is really something different. Fusion! Ok, I’m not the biggest fan of fusion. I am more partial to fresh, simple cooking. But that is not saying that I do not enjoy that dinner.

When I was at Spaghettini that night, we were each given a different dish from the menu. So I got to try all the dishes there. I have my favorites and as such here is my dream dinner at Spaghettini.

New Menu: Spaghettini

To start, some complimentary bread and butter with free explanation. Hehe. I love the capsicum butter. And well bread? I never say no to bread.

New Menu: Spaghettini

Our amuse bouche was interesting in presentation. Don’t really remember what it was but I remember I was excited cause of the foam. Foam? We have foamy food in Brunei?! I love that it gives that impression of what’s coming after.

New Menu: Spaghettini

For starters: smoked duck and mushroom quesadilla, roasted corn & pepper relish.

This was my favorite dish of the night! It was so good! I might just come back for this dish alone.

New Menu: Spaghettini

For mains: grilled seabass fillet, seaweed linguine, crispy parsley & orange tree flavoured butter.

The sauce was delicate and the crispy parsley went really well with the flaky fish. A textural delight!

New Menu: Spaghettini

And for dessert: green apple tart tatin, spicy sable, apple raisin ice cream. Don’t you think it looks like a snow globe? Hehe. Loves!

These are my recommendations when you dine at Spaghettini. If you’d like to see what else we had that night, head on over to the album here.

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