Ramadhan Promotion 2011: I-Lotus

I-Lotus is one of my must-go sungkai buffets in previous years. It’s always packed, a good sign, and food is definitely plentiful. From salads, to appetisers, to cucur, to hot plates, to main course, to ice kacang. You can be sure to leave I-Lotus very very full. Furthermore, there’s a surau upstairs, so no need to rush out for Maghrib, which I find really awesome.

ILotus Sungkai 2011

Feel so full looking at these photos. The food is quite similar to previous years.

This year’s format however, is different in which they introduced a bigger space inside an amazing white tent, with basically the same price!

ILotus Sungkai 2011

Fun. It’s very comfortable and if you’re worried about parking, fear not. A lot of space is allocated and there’s even a traffic controller, Jakarta style to direct you to the nearest empty spot! I think that’s rather thoughtful of them!

Head on over to I-Lotus for a not-too-expensive, family friendly place, with plenty of room and plenty to eat! 🙂

I-Lotus Restaurant

Sungkai Buffet @ $18.80 (adult) & $12.80 (child)

Sahur Steamboat Buffet & Hot Plate Grill Buffet @ $12.80 (adult) & $8.80 (child)

Call 2422466

Review from 2009 is available here. For more photos, kindly click here to view the album.

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