Ramadhan Food Series 2011: The Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

The Atrium, as you know is located at the grand Empire Hotel & Country Club, so as you can imagine, the mood and feel of the Atrium is very different from any other sungkai buffet in Brunei. The ambience is very relaxed and polished, and deco is done with much attention to detail.

Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

I would have to say, the Sungkai Buffet at the Atrium has really captured my attention today. It’s not a sungkai place where you eat a lot and rush home. It’s a relaxed affair, whereby you take your time, do your prayers, come back for more food, then relax and then eat some more. And trust me, you’d definitely want to eat a lot!

Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

The spread is quite diverse. I’m especially taken by the Mongolian Barbeque. The noodles were wet, and saucy, just the way I like it. I love the curry that came with the martabak, absolutely thick and drinkable.

Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

I love the custom bento set used for the ambuyat. Very convenient! The condiments were very well prepared, especially the sayur pakis, which is rather uncharacteristic of big hotel restaurants. Also deserving a mention is the make-your-own-rojak station. The rojak sauce is delicious! I wish they had included cucumber too though!

Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

And of course what kind of self respecting sungkai buffet is complete without freshly fried, piping hot cucur. I had it with the rojak sauce. Very nice! Desserts were pretty standard, cakes, ice cream, fresh fruits, and the very interesting twist on the bread and butter pudding, the Um Ali. It tasted a bit like baby food: rich, comforting and simply yummy! Wish I had more space to eat that.

Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

Indulge in some hot drinks in the Main Atrium, where an Arabian themed rest area is available. It’s so awesome. After such a big meal, you’d really don’t want to see or smell what you just ate. But u still wanna chat and relax with your friends over a cuppa. There is also a very upscale version of the Gerai Ramadhan selling Empire Goodies.

Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

Indulge, if you still have some space, in the Kek Batik. Yummy. 🙂 It’s my favorite Kek Batik in the whole wide world!

Atrium, Empire Hotel & Country Club

Here we are at the lovely Empire Deli Cafe. Wish I wasn’t too full!!! LOL glutton!

The price of $28 per person is considered steep, so it is perhaps not for everyone. But I recommend it highly and not just because of the Kek Batik! Head on over to the Atrium if you are looking for an indulgent place to have a long, leisurely sungkai, of great food and great company.

Atrium Cafe , The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Sungkai Buffet @ $28 (adult) & $14 (child).

Call 241 7700

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