Ramadhan Promotions 2011: Sorriso Restaurant & Pizzeria

Sorriso is a nice little Italian restaurant that has just opened its doors in Regent Square, Kiulap. I’ve actually been there before a few weeks back and had a very nice lunch meal so I was very excited to come back and try their Ramadhan promotions.

To my surprise there is actually no buffet, and no all-you-can-eat. There is an honest to god 10% discount on all their ala carte items. Despite this, Sor Riso was full, and tables were turned over at regular intervals during dinner time.

We met the chef, Salvatore, who some of you may find rather familiar. Yes he has broken away from the Chef Mauri group of restaurants and created this little gem. And thankfully, he did because his food is robust, rich and hearty, much like the Chef’s personality, but most importantly they are delicious. He handles his dishes personally and takes great pride in his food. Don’t be surprised if he, tomato-stained on his lapel, comes bursting of of the kitchen just to read you the specials.

Sor Riso Ramadhan Specials

For starters we had some Chantrelle Mushroom Soup. There’s a pungent familiar flavour that I couldn’t identify until Emmagoodegg pointed out that it’s truffle oil. It is highly possible that it is the best mushroom soup I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve had MANY MANY bowls of the stuff. I always love Chef Salvatore’s Magic Mushrooms cause they’re amazing, and I love the Tuna Raw Limone, which reminded me of our own lawar.

Sor Riso Ramadhan Specials

The mains was mindblowing. I had my very first Tenderloin Rossini. I’ve never had it anywhere else before so I have no where to compare this with but I love seared foie gras, I love the medium rare beef, and I am in love with the rich and robust gravy it is enveloped in. I have absolutely no words. The combination of all three delicious items however make this a very very very very expensive dish at more than $60. But I am here telling you that if you are a fan of beef, and it’s a special occasion, then please by all means, SPLURGE. IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Sor Riso Ramadhan Specials

Dolce was the usual Italian fare: Cannolis, Caprese, Limone Pannacotta, and Tiramisu. The best, earning 4 out of 5 surprised faces subsequently followed by “OMIGOD THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!” is the Caprese. A warm and fudgy almond cake, served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Head on over to Sor Riso Restaurant & Pizzeria at Regent Square, Kiulap. For reservations, call them at 2233030. 🙂

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