Ramadhan Promotions 2011: Cafe Au Lait

I went to Cafe Au Lait yesterday for sungkai. A nice, somewhat cozy cafe, with plush sofas and big screen TVs, where you chill and have coffee with your friends. If you are a regular you would probably know that the kitchen recently changed management and is now headed by a new chef.

This year they are doing the BBQ themed sungkai again, for a constant price of $15.90 per person and as usual, I love their barbecued chicken wings!!!

Au Lait 2011

The selection was bigger than last year and there was also some food from the regular menu like the buttermilk chicken, and ginger beef.

Au Lait 2011

And of course I dove straight into the barbecued chicken, and lamb and the pastas. And had my salads and my coleslaws. I always think barbecued stuff goes best with coleslaw and potato salad! Hot and cold. Smoky and creamy. Slurp!!!

Au Lait 2011

We also tried their ayam penyet from the ala carte menu. Which was probably a mistake cause the portion was HUGE. NAFSU!!!!

Au Lait 2011

We ended the meal with my most recommended item from their dessert menu: the chocolate souffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warning: EAT SLOW OR BURN YOUR MOUTH. Hehehehehehe.

For more photos: check out my Facebook album here.

Au Lait Cafe

Sungkai at Au Lait @ $15.90 (adult) &$9.90 (child)

Call 223 1901

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