New Year Morning: Countdown


Hello again! Today I felt the reality of the wedding come to life haha (emo). It’s cause I just downloaded a countdown app called well, Countdown+. Yes no surprises on what it does haha.


60 days left!!!


Yesterday Boi paid for my wedding ring in full. And we decided on an engraving.

Reads “Maurina & Hazidiee 1313” but if that is too long then just “M&H 1313”. Hee.

Funny story about the ring.

I first saw the ring last April 2012 (it was the first thing on our list) in Twinkles. Funny I’ve always liked diamonds (girl’s bestfriend) and in my head I’ve always thought I’d get a decent yet not enormous princess cut diamond ring. Now here we were shopping for a ring and yet I didn’t want one.

What I instantly fell in love with was a beautiful heart shaped aquamarine ring, surrounded with teeny tiny diamonds.


I know right! Blue is never my colour. Turquoise is my favourite stone but well it’s very out of character for me to choose aquamarine over diamonds.

But yes, that is what happened. When planning a wedding u discover many things about urself. When something feels right, it just does.

Upon further research:

– Aquamarine is my birthstone (and wedding is in march)
– It symbolises neverending love
– Of course, our wedding is on a beach

This is why blue is the theme of the wedding. 🙂

Anyway, yes its fortunate that aquamarine rings are less pricey than diamond rings but it did still burn a big hole in Boi’s pocket haha.

So here is something that you may not know about jewellery stores (I certainly didn’t know anyway):

They accept partial payments! So you can pay say $500 in the beginning to secure the item and pay the remainder monthly or when the time comes nearer.

Of course they don’t release the item until u pay in full but for me, who had more or less a year to plan the wedding this made arrangements easier! It is better than a bulk payment that’s for sure.

By the way I totally looooove the ladies at Twinkles Jewellery in Kiulap. They are so nice and lovely. I totally recommend u to think about them when you consider your matrimonial ring. Hee.

So thats the story of my ring. 🙂

Looked for a diamond and found a precious aquamarine ring instead. Love!

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