Wedding on a Budget

This I did obsessive research on!


Ok so I decided early on that I dont want to be taking out a personal loan to pay off a wedding. Maybe for me, taking out a loan simply means I am spending beyond what I can afford.

No offense of course to brides and grooms who did take out a loan. To each their own. We all take calculated risks to reach our dreams but I am saying that, you always have a choice. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO.

Warning: Nerd Stuff ahead.

I tabulated all the expected wedding expenses. This required me to really talk to Boi. BOY DID WE TALK. How much are we willing to spend on flowers? Ring? Doorgifts? We discussed EVERYTHING! And then I thought we had it all figured out and rounded off to a final figure.

Then I spoke more with a friend at work, F, who jussst did her wedding. MATI. I left out sooo many things! There are little things such as: bouquet for flower girls? Sedekah tuk kadi? Guest book? Sound system?

Then she shared with me her budget table (best thing I’ve ever received) and so I created one that is based on that.

I also thought about stuff that I do not need vendors to do for me such as flowers, makeup, doorgifts, decorations and jewellery. I did that myself and saved myself a lot of money.

Finally I came up with a final figure.

Once I know the final figure everything is easy! I put myself on a strict savings plan immediately. Less splurging, less wasting, less eating out. 🙂

The table helped me stay on track and helped me see what items I haven’t done, what items I still need to do.

I update it religiously! So should you. Keep referring back when in doubt and keep asking yourself are u within budget?

Something that also helped was sharing the table with my family. I was upfront and clear of what I can and cannot afford, especially with the small guest list. This is something very important.

Brides to be: in honour of my friend F who helped me by sharing with me her budget table, I hereby attach with this post my own table for your download.

I sincerely hope it helped you as much as it helped me!

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