Purple Hair

I went to the salon today for some quarterly maintenance. Generally I get a haircut, do treatment and retouch my roots. I do it once every few months and each time, I pretty much do something similar.

Today however, I wanted to do something different. So I said, lets try a new colour. The stylist gave me a colour chart, and I chose purple.

I honestly didn’t expect it to turn out so eggplant haha. My colorist explained it’s because I’ve bleached my hair once before so thats why it is more visibly purple in the tips. It gave a sort of unintentional ombré effect. But so far I’m loving it! 

She warned me the purple will fade quite fast, but if I want it to last longer use only colour shampoo.

Anyway, one thing that my stylist refused to do however is to cut my hair. She said she loved the purple against my skin and the hairstyle I requested wouldve chopped all the purple out. She gave me a trim instead.

Haih! So I will need to come back when the purple eventually fades out! Sheesh! Why do other people have emotional attachment to my hair haha?

Anyway like my new look? I have to admit, makeup is more interesting with this hair colour. ☂🍇🍆👾💜 Thoughts?


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