#aegeanodyssey2016 Isketambola

God is the greatest planner of all.

God laughs especially at our plans.

Why I say this?

Because after reflection:

  1. All of us bought travel insurance. None of us probably actually can claim much except for Ariffin, who could’ve claimed the full value due to his “deportation” – except he happened to be the ONLY one who didn’t purchase one. 
  2. I lost money and cards as well as Sajidah. But my sister only lost money. So we could still use her cards and holiday went on. Otherwise how would we have even managed?
  3. Sajidah knew someone who happens to know Tinos. It’s bizzare. How many of us actually knows someone in Athens, who would’ve helped us out? This someone she knew got on the phone, called Tinos, and asked him to help us out. Bearing in mind, it’s very late in Brunei when it happened. Tinos rushed to our apartment (we were strangers) and became our hero, and later, friend.

God laughs at our plans.

Knowing this very well, it feels like God again threw us a curveball when I received a comment on my IG, from a Bruneian student currently residing in Istanbul.

She offered to take us around and hang out since she is on winter holiday. She speaks Turkish fluently and said she can help to bargain for us if we like.

We went and followed our hearts. 

“Let’s meet up!”

And we met such an awesome girl! Turns out, she has been residing in Istanbul, studying at Marmara University, under scholarship from the Turkish Government.

Best of all, she knew all the local haunts, stories and scenes in Istanbul! It’s like having an awesome, Malay speaking guide, who knew so much about Turkey and its story.  

We met for breakfast and she recommends Mado, according to my IG highly recommended.

Funny she decided to have ice cream for breakfast. 😂❤️

When she did, I knew we would get along.

 Our stop was to the Grand Bazaar actually to shop. But being very wary of being pickpocketed in the Metro in Greece, it’s quite an uncomfortable experience. 😂😂😂

I don’t know what to buy, everyone keeps on calling us Princess and sellers are so pushy!
Fabulous place though when sellers did not try to get all up in our faces! 

It’s the biggest and oldest covered market in the world!

Outside the Grand Bazaar. More shops!

Free water!

Creepy kid dolls. Stuff nightmares are made of.


Why tasbih here ada cross haha. Or are these actually rosary beads kali 


Didn’t manage to eat this! It’s lamb intestines and smells so good! 

After that we went to the Spice Bazaar. Bought some cheese and honeycomb haha.

Cool soaps! Looked like cakes.

Near the Spice Bazaar, was the New Mosque. Yes it looks exactly like the Blue Mosque. 

So apparently all mosques in Istanbul looks quite similar cause they are all inspired by it or maybe designed by same person.


Then hunger strikes again. So I casually asked: “Warrah, where do u usually go out to eat?”

She said (without hesitation), “I like to eat Ughyur food!!!”

She explained it’s like Chinese cuisine but more savoury and we were like LETS  GO! 

Best decision ever!

The flavour profile is reminiscent  of Nepalese food. Heavy on the lamb, and they have hand pulled wheat noodles which they called laghmyen! 

I love it! 
One of the most memorable meals of this trip because:

  1. New flavours!
  2. We learned about Ughyur and the 250,000 of them in Turkey
  3. The Ughyur looks real different from the usual Turkish people we see everywhere else – they are fairer, eyes smaller.
  4. No English on the menu – super local haunt!
  5. First spicy meal since we went on this holiday!

After that we topped up our Istanbulkart – which is something that everyone needs!

Istanbulkart is a toppable rfid card, which we use to go on all Istanbul public transport from bus, tram, underground, funicular and more!

Anyway next we went and walked across on the Galata Bridge.  
Ramai orang fishing! 

As a reward, we had a mackerel sandwich when we got to the other side.

Nyaman!!! U know how I love fish!!!

Lovely view from the Balikcisi (Fish Market)

Then caught the tram to Taksim! There I had an Istiklal Burger (Wet Burger). Omg so nyaman!!!!!!!!


Basically its a burger (with a special sauce) which is put in the steamer for a while.

The bread soft and the sauce and patty so flavoursome! Yummy!

Then because GILA we had more food (as if nda cukup sebelum ani)

KANYANG!!!!!!! Inda ku temakan and can’t wait to go home hahahah.

Then basically we walked around forever and grabbed a bus and another bus and tram back to Sultanahmet.

Selfie at a bus station.

Warah was very impressed with our love for walking 😂😂😂  

Near one of the bus stations.

Then BALIKKKKK. Had such a lovely day with Warah who is awesome and very very conversant of Istanbul❤️❤️❤️ wishing her smooth and easy study and best of luck! Cause she said nantimsudah kerja shes going to belanja us all. Hahaaa. Good night guys! 

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