#aegeanodyssey2016 Is it still winter???

This day was the end of the sunny warm winter we have experienced pass few days. 

I peeked my head out the window in the morning and lo and behold not only was it drizzling, it was also freaking cold and windy!


Tapi makeup was on fleek.

We had the Bosphorus Cruise planned in the afternoon so we planned a long leisurely breakfast nearby.

We went to a place called Duvares that has a fireplace. We love love fireplaces! 


Menemen for breakfast.

Tavuk Corbasi (Chicken Soup) teehee.

Of course calamari.

When we were sitting there, the owner of the restaurant, invited us to see his kitchen and the area behind.

The lovely guy gave us a tour and it turns out his building is an old building from Byzantine times. So interesting kan?

Then after breakfast we still had some time and so decide to go the Basilica Cistern.  

There was a demonstration in front of Hagia Sophia when we passed by.

Eeee so cold and raining cats and dogs too!

   In the water ada ikan! Macam seabass hahaha but of course its not la.   

 So mysterious here.  
Upside down medusa 

  Love the columns- the architecture is very roman rather than Turkish or Greek.

A wish pond. Make a wish 🙂


Sideways Medusa.
Vampiric and mysterious aura of the Basilica Cistern really made the visit really memorable. Plus the creepy headstand medusa. 

Then we were ready to be picked up by our tourbus!

  Bosphorus bridge, between Europe and Asia.


Hello Bosphorus! 
How interesting- like in Brunei there are plenty of cemeteries near the edge of the riverbank.

The private island owned by a Turkish football club Galata Saray.



Cute houses on the Asia side.  
Castle. 🙂

 After the cruise we went to Pierre Loti for a cable car ride.

Due to the wind and rain, cancelled! Thank god. I was dreading it actually hahaha.

Eeee takut.

Anyway there’s a cemetery there of Abu Ayub Al Ansari. The story was back then when Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) migrated to Madinah from Mekah, a lot of people berabut rabut wanted to host him. So in order not to hurt anyone’s feelings he said, “where my camel stops, thats where I will stay” so the camel stopped in front of Abu Ayub Al Ansari’s house. 🙂 Now he is laid to rest there. 🙂

Then the tour ended and we were sent back to the hotel.

At night we had a fabulous (and super expensive) seafood dinner!

Grilled Shrimps!

 Seabass! Also grilled!

 Actual crab claws!


 Lobster Corbasi!

Even a free dessert!


Excellent service.

But we are so sakai.

At the end of the night, the waiter kept on saying “service” but we didn’t know what it meant.

Rupanya means please tip. How embarrassing haha. Ok people when in Istanbul remember to tip generously!

Then eventhough early we all rushed back to the hotel pasal HUJANNN.

Randam batisss~~

Till next time! 

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