At the Movies: Munafik

My husband doesn’t want to go watch junk with me. Haha. 

This is why, I have these friends:


Tonight we went to watch the second scary movie from Syamsul Yusof, Munafik.



Story seems borrowed but that’s ok. 

Its about a guy, Adam, who was involved in a hit and run that ended up killing his wife. The events in the movie happened 3 months later, and aside from him being unable to get over his wife’s death, there’s a parallel story of Maria, daughter of one of the richest men in the kampong, who keeps on being a victim of kerasukkan. 

The movie brought us to why Maria is haunted, through horror and suspense. Earlier on we are made to believe that the stepmother is the culprit but in the end, it is revealed that she is innocent. Wish she and Maria had developed their relationship more in the end actually but I guess they needed Adam to be the one who saves the day.

Maria’s storyline with her supposed “lover” – ie that guy who keeps on calling Maria’s stepmother “sis” haha – feels really forced and unnecessary. There’s no chemistry whatsoever and I really hate how they portrayed depression. 

I find the scariest parts:

  1. The bit where he konon dug up Zulaikha’s body and brought her home, then forced Amir his son to hug and kiss the dead body since he misses her so much. OMG.
  2. The bit in the morgue!!!!!! Maria couldn’t go out and all the dead bodies are coming after her so she had no choice but to hide in the body freezer – only to end up seeing another ghost there, unable to exit.

Overall, an awesome horror movie – 7.5/10. I appreciate the twist ending, which I sort of partly guessed from the beginning – but nothing like the twist ending in Khurafat, which was more unexpected. 

I really like the movie’s protagonist- who is able to portray his loss with not only tears but also desperation. 

What did you think of the movie?

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