Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri – Angpow Nada

It’s the 2nd day of raya and I forgot to give my nephews and nieces their angpows. 😂

I was telling this to my sister in law and she was at the very moment packing $1 notes to give to children of visiting guests.

Apparently they will not leave if they have not received the coveted packet of money. True enough, once they received their angpows, they all left. 


Trying not to judge – maybe they just need the money – but me thinks it’s not nice to burden a household with this.

Please, this eid, release your relatives from this burden. Don’t stay and wait for the angpows. Stay to catch up, and laugh with them. 

I mean, times are hard, so it’s very understandable if some houses do away with this very new tradition. 

As a child, I do remember that this money giving tradition is pretty recent – isn’t it a borrowing of chinese culture from those times back in the 90s when Hari Raya clashed with Chinese New Year?

Anyway, whatever the origins of this tradition, please don’t expect your relatives to fork out raya packets to your children. If they do then that’s wonderful – but it’s not a must!

Spend your raya selfie-ing, ootd-ing, and catching up with your cousins in peace without expectation of monetary rewards.

Last, I leave you with photos of my outfit to keep cool this super hot day! (Taken outside near some eggplants 😂😂)


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