#TripofWonders Day 2 & 3 in Makassar

Today is one of those hard core days where we start incredibly early.

By 545am we were already in the lobby, and set to go off to the Airport.


Breakfast bento was served before we came on the bus.

Boarding the plane.

Oh first time on Garuda! 🙂 

Marcell was also on board. Totally didn’t realise cause aku sibuk when he came in mencari my Sleeping Balm yang gugur di lantai!!! 😒

So anyway arrived in Makassar and went straight on the bus.

Off the plane, can see already the difference between Jakarta and Makassar. It’s definitely more green, more suburban, less tall buildings, more mosques. 

Anyway, our first destination in Makassar is the Bantimurung Waterfall.

This huuuuuge monkey greets u upon entry. 

It’s a family fun sort of picnic location and boy, ramai! So many local tourists and probably only a handful of orang putih.

The name Bantimurung means “loud water” according to the guide, referring to the waterfall. 

(BTW it’s 6am- forgive my lacklustre reporting)

Anyway, aside from the waterfall u can climb up some stairs, and trek on a path following the river for about 5 minutes to see some fabulous stone caves.

A lagoon greets u once u arrive near the mouth of the cave.

Interesting and not at all claustrophobic probably due to the high ceilings. Stalactites and stalagmites glimmer in the glare of our torchlights.

At about this moment i sort of wish I have a nicer camera. #menyasalndabalibaru

Anyway they say a man used to meditate here 40 days without food. Its quiet, cool and very calm in the cave.

After that we had a picnic, bento style and hung out in the little huts provided.

Then off to go and check into our hotel, the Aston Makassar.

Dinner was at 7 so there’s some time for relaxing.

By 7pm I was so hungers and we were treated to a seafood dinner nearby at Rumah Makan Bahari. Yums!

So yum!

After dinner, it was still early so we went tomcheck out the biggest mall in Makassar, Trans Studio.

I konon wanted to buy a camera but bought tapioca instead. 😒

Yummy though.

Ok looking forward to Day 3! We will be going snorkeling!

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