#TripofWonders: Day 3 still in Makassar 

Makassar really is quite chill. Somehow I expected it to be more busy. 

Today’s itinerary is snorkeling! 

Hanging out at the lobby while waiting for the bus. Promising day. So hot haha.

No makeup me!

We’re here! Short walk to the pier and u can see many many locals just hanging out.

Hop on!

Bye! A boat is taking us to our first destination- Kodingareng Keke.

See u later Makassar! 
I’m gonna drive.

Serius haha.


Kodingareng Keke is a small island or rather a sand bar, surrounded with coral and crystal clear blue waters. 

Spent some time there snorkeling and swimming.

Plenty of coral, and plenty of fishies. The underwater visibility was fabulous!

Pity I didn’t have an underwater camera.

Then fun had to halt and we went back on the boat to go to another island: Sama Lona. 

Really love the names of places here. Hehehe.

On Sama Lona, there are local inhabitants and a small village. 

One of the inhabitants were kind enough to make us a homemade lunch. This is how they earn money, by extending their kindness to tourists, local and foreign. 

We had a fabulous lunch of Squid in Squid Ink, Corn and Onion Fritters, Fried Shrimp, Grilled Fresh Fish, Sayur Asem and of course Sambal.

All washed down by fresh coconut. 

Oh this meal was real nice. 

After that I just sat in a hut, just observing the locals. They have a humble life, no running water, electricity from a gen set, and the surrounded completely by the sea but they are happy and somehow they do manage. 🙂

After, went back to the boat and I slept the whole way on the tip of the boat. Haha. I was completely zen.

Back at the hotel, we’re scrubbed a dub dub, and walah, the makeup is back on and I’m ready for next agenda! Yay! 

Back on the bus.

Next location is Pantai Losari.

Family oriented fun. Orang tua tua here suka jalan jalan. So many babu babu here bedating etc.

After sunset, walked to our dinner place.

Panya jauh haha.

Finally arrived at Ayam Goreng Sulwesi – which turns out to be nearby our hotel haha. We literally passed it by haha. 

Then mamam!

Interesting chicken. Very flavourful and I love the sambal here. 

Then balik! 😂

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