#tripofwonders Leaving Makassar and Off to Lombok

It’s a long day of travelling today but we started relatively late at 945am with a baggage drop.

Here are all my bags. Hahahaha. 

First destination was Fort Rotterdam. It has an interesting history where it was actually a fort which was originally part of the Gowa Kingdom, then the Dutch came to colonise Sulawesi and made themselves right at home.

This wall below was part of the Gowa, if I remembered correctly.

As mentioned, I myself am not such a big fan of Dutch architecture- they’re bulky and I always feel do not allow a lot of light into a space. A bit zzzzzzzz haha, however, somehow the buildings in the fort really made me feel that old world charm.

Cute windows.

Also, I went in to the La Galigo Museum. 

After the Fort, we were treated to a culinary delight, Es Pisang Ijo.

Yummy!! Recipes I found online smashed any dreams of making my own. Looks so difficult haha. May as well fly again to Makassar lah!

The table also ordered Kroket, Jalangkote and Lumpia. 😍

Then other food start coming in and I was soon lulled into a food coma.

Then, I realised that I have all these nice food photos but NO INTERNET?!!! What is the use?

So we went to a Toko and bought pulsa! So interesting the shop!

Kenyang + Internet + panas = cranky 😂😂

But finally at the airport it was time to leave Makassar! 

Thank u so much for the hospitality!

Then arrived in Jakarta, ran to another gate and caught another plane to Lombok.

An hour drive later, we arrived at Golden Tulip Mataram.

Ordered room service and now I am ready to sleep! 😍😍😍

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