#TripofWonders Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Ombak Sunset

I am so charmed by this island. 

Woke up early today, and sans makeup went off for breakfast. Shared sunblock with these gentlemen because we are today going off for SNORKELING!!!! 

Yes we were ready! Bought the waterproof casing, bikini on, snorkel ready, and I was ready for action!

A boat will be taking us to the snorkel spots. There’s a few really lovely spots near Gili Air.

Off we go!

Here’s the funny story. Remember I said I bought an underwater casing?

Moments after taking the above photo our guide yelled TURTLE!!!!! So I quickly rushed towards him and saw whee he was pointing the loveliest turtle! 😭😭 I love turtles! 

I held my phone (in the underwater casing) in place and lo and behold, I couldn’t take a photo cause MY PHONE CANNOT DETECT MY TOUCH UNDERWATER.

Why why why why why?????????????

Here is the turtle, however as captured by Edgar who is part of the group.

Check out his ig!

Anyway, Gili has quite nice snorkel spots and fishies. 😍 I was really impressed- so beautiful. 

After snorkeling, we were brought to Gili Air and lunch was at Scallywags!

I was a bit seasick after the boat trip so was definitely feeling glad I was back on dry land.

I even ordered a brownie! Nice too!

Then it was lunch time!!!!

Caesar Salad 😂 and a burger! #heavylunch

Then it was time to leave 😭😭

Back on the boat again. Wanna relax some morre!!!

Haha konon.

Then what did we do?  Upon arrival back to Villa Ombak, we freshened up in the room and agreed to meet at 4pm for sunset.

Fresh and ready!

This is what my villa looks like btw.

Some sights of Gili Trawangan that afternoon.

But our ultimate destination isssss the sunset point near Excile Bar!

Me love!!!

Got tattoo from Uchiet a fabulous local lifestyle blogger.

Walked further down and saw this place. So creepy. Selling death themed stuff.

And finally we reached another sunset point.

Love it. Last sunset at Gili Trawangan and I will most definitely miss it so much! 😍

At night I pampered myself with a spa package.

Fresh and ready for a super gruelling day ahead!

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