#tripofwonders Gili to Bali to Banyuwangi in one day

Hi guys, I dunno how many times I can say this creatively 😂 – today I woke up super early again cause we needed to gather by 5am in the lobby of Ombak Villa. OMG.

So early even the hotel staff were not awake to prepare breakfast yet 😂

Anyway this was necessary because we had to catch a fast boat to: BALI!

From Ombak Villa we had to walk to Gili Harbour – a 15 minute walk away from the hotel, in a more local part of the island. I was happy cause I decided to wear my sneakers that day so walking was definitely no problem.

When we arrived turns out the water was on low tide and what that means: we all need to board the boat from shore! 😂

So much for my sneakers!

So I had to take my sneakers off, chuck them in my bag, walk on the sand, into the cold morning water and climb precarious metal ladder to board a fast speedboat which was swaying at the mercy of the waves haha – bearing in mind it was so dark u can’t really see much.

Of course, as I climbed down these stairs to get to my seat, I slipped! Fell straight on my butt! 😂

Recovered a little too quickly and had to explain it happens a lot (way too often).

Anyway, here we are all seated. Naturally I chose the front seat, a choice that I don’t know – is it smart? Is it?

Here are the things that happen after I sat, in chronological order:

  1. The trip organizers start distributing motion sickness pills
  2. I refused
  3. The boat started to move
  4. I tried to take photos of outside
  5. Failed cause boat too fast – camera not awesome enough.

  1. Boat swayed 
  2. Horror when realised the seas are choppy and rough 
  3. Its a 2 hour ride and it’s only first 5 mins
  4. Offered motion sickness pills again
  5. Did not refuse
  6. I ate 2
  7. Tried to sleep 

I napped for a while – and would’ve continued to if not for one thing: THE HEAT.

Wind was blowing so hard outside yet we cannot feel a thing! 

The boat was also apparently caught in a net so it had to stop in the middle of the open sea (Lombok Straits). 

I tell u it was like sitting on a rapidly swinging hammock.

It’s soooooooooo hot + dark.

That’s not all: it was also reeking of engine fuel. 

It was extremely uncomfortable.

So smart us (all of us sitting in front) thought hey, lets open the door – we opened the door. A gust of wind came and it felt so so goooooood. 

Napped again for maybe a good 20 minutes. Felt the boat moving again and it was so yummy with the wind UNTIL the waves started to get bigger and the seas became rougher!

We kept on getting splashed with seawater sure but ok nvm since we were hot. As I was napping, and trying to ignore my seasickness, I guess we ran over a particularly big wave and omg did I mention the door was open? A waterfall gushed over us and we were screaming and I am sitting in front and soaked wet till my panties.

At the moment I felt like I was witnessing a disaster movie hahaha. And i was actually thinking what I should do in case the boat capsizes 😂😂😂


Anyway the scene happened again few times but eventually we arrived hahahahaahah- soaking wetas u can see. 

Travel tip: dont sit in front. If u do, use waterproof bag haha. 
Sunrise as we approach Bali.

Cool boats!

In Bali, caught a bus to the airport- Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Then a flight to Surabaya.

And another to Banyuwangi.


Here’s the airport. 

It’s definitely a different scene than past few days of sea scapes.

Just few metres from airport: padi field.

Had a delicious lunch at Ikan Bakar Pesona.

Then checked into the hotel – Ketapang Indah! 

Welcome to my house!

And as u can imagine, I showered cause remember I was soaked till my panties with sea water from the Lombok Straits???

Then skipped dinner and slept!!!!!! Cause the next day is even more hectic. 

Stay tuned.

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