Bye Bye Cheesy Chips

Hello everyone, this morning, as soon as I woke up, I checked my email and lo and behold, this was in my inbox:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this weekend my  little niece, Haniya, told me that her friends had called Frito-Lay  and found out that Doritos have pork in them. Well, I was  shocked and a little skeptical. However, when I called the company, they confirmed that  their cheese products were not Halal — they actually used the  term “Halal”, which I found impressive even though the disclosure  was disconcerting. She said they use enzymes in making  the cheese for their Cheetos and Doritos that come from pork. I asked when they started doing this, and she said the  last 2 years they became aware of it. I wanted to start a petition  requesting them to find alternatives, but she said it  would be best for individuals to call, because each call is registered. So, if you are going to miss Cheetos and Doritos as much as I am, please  call Frito-Lay at 1-800-352-4477, Monday – Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm. Also,  pass on this info. to whomever you  know. Any volunteers to call Frito-Lay and do some research? Until then, I would strongly recommend: Muslim buyers beware!

An email, with the subject “FW: PORK IN FRITOS/DORITOS/LAYS CHIPS” Which was then followed by:

SubhanAllah! I just called and they said that any of their products  that contain cheese flavoring contains animal enzimes  from pig as well as others. When I asked why they would need pig product  to make cheese they said
that it is actually a flavor enhancer!  (Which  makes me worry about other companies products!) And that it is produced by  an outside vendor. He did take my zip code for tracking purposes.

And this:

Salaams Everyone!

I called too .. … and they confirmed that the cheese flavoring contains enzymes which are derived form PORK & BEEF!! So ..please avoid all flavors of Doritos (all have cheese flavoring) and Cheetos! 

Whoa! Scary, since I’ve been consuming this eversince I was a little girl. I enquired further by conducting a simple Google test.

Fears confirmed. It’s true.

I’m alerted to this article, this article, this article and this article. Most of them get their information from here.

I don’t know if I am actually the last person to know about this, and that everyone else has already been informed. Plus I don’t usually open forwarded emails, but hey, I’m glad I opened this one.

21 thoughts on “Bye Bye Cheesy Chips

  1. oooohhhhh…batah sdh rasanya inda ku makan Lays,doritos..what about Smiths? Inda plg ada sini dibrunei..Taste better than Lays..

    Tapi iatah scary eh..


  2. Ches, I *think* the ones already on the shelves are the halal ones… When I went through the list, I didn’t really recognise any of them.


  3. i can`t believe it!!!!! It`s so shocking.i didnt know that doritos and cheetos have pork in them.i just found out from a masjid nearby where i live.


  4. i can’t believe it well i guees i better stop
    eating doritos & cheetos.even though there my
    favorites i’ll stop eating them for the sake of
    allah all the muslims out there whos with me


  5. I do love the potato chips but if it has ingredients that contain pork then I can’t eat them. And as Muslims we know what’s right and wrong.


  6. Isn’t All Cheese Halal?
    The production of cheese requires the use of enzymes to coagulate or curdle the milk and the addition of other ingredients for various functions. The enzymes can be derived from animal, vegetable, or microbial sources. The animal sources include pigs and cattle. The enzyme derived from pigs is called pepsin and is haram. Another enzyme derived from pigs or small cattle is lipase. (Lipase can also be made by microorganisms, which is halal.)
    One of the enzymes derived from the inner lining of the fourth stomach of calves is called rennet. It may come from Zabiha calves or non-Zabiha calves. The enzyme can also be produced by microbial methods. Microbial enzymes are not derived from meat and are halal.
    Rennet is a crude preparation containing dried, ground linings of the calf stomach. The active enzyme is called chymosin. Today, purified chymosin is also manufactured through genetic modifications of microorganisms when the chymosin gene from a calf is duplicated and inserted into microbial cells. Calf rennet is still used by specialty cheese manufacturers. Moreover, pig enzymes, such as lipase, are still used in high flavor, ripened cheeses, like romano. Today, most cheeses in the North American markets are questionable. However, IFANCA has certified some specialty cheeses.
    Most cheese products do not list the source of the enzyme, so one must ask the producer from where the enzyme comes. Of course, it is possible the source will change without notification.
    Finally, cheese products may contain many other ingredients, each of which must also be examined.
    And ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, knows best.

    Is Chocolate Liquor Haram?
    Chocolate liquor is a sweet syrup containing chocolate, sugar and other ingredients. It is used in making candy, drinks and other chocolate-flavored products. It does not contain any alcohol, so it is not haram.

    And ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, knows best.

    May We Eat Gelatin?
    Gelatin is a protein product obtained from the collagen of vertebrates, including pigs, cattle and fish. It is recovered by hydrolysis. The main raw materials used today are pigskins, cattle bones and cattle hide. Of these, the most common source is pigskins.

    Gelatin is used in the preparation of baked goods, ice cream, yogurt, jellies and gelatin Jell-OTM. It is also used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Gelatin has other non-food uses, such as photographic film and carbonless paper.

    If the word gelatin appears on a label without reference to its source, it is generally derived from pig skins and cattle bones, so it must be avoided.
    It is possible to produce halal gelatin by using the bones and hides of halal slaughtered cattle. In such a case, the gelatin would be certified halal and labeled as halal gelatin. IFANCA-certified halal gelatin made from fish bones or halal slaughtered cattle is now available for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

    And ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, knows best.


  7. I have Doritos bbq chips at home and i checked the ingrediants it doesnt say anything bad but im not gonna eat cuz im not so sure yet should i eat it or not?


  8. salams to all. Aswell as being haram they also contain yeast extracts which they are using to replace msg which are harmfull to the brain and nervous system.


  9. Salam,Hi

    I cant believe this is true. I feel like punching someone in the nose. I mean really this is so messed up. I’ve been eating these chips and now i just found out theres pork in these chips. i love cheese junk food and now i can never eat them again…


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