Does anyone know where I can get delicious meat pies?

Before I begin, WELCOME to those redirected from BruStu. Apparently there’s a nice thread going on about the Pocong post.

Anyway, I’ve been craving meat pies lately ever since I watched the movie adaptation of Sweeney Todd. Tried making my own a few weeks ago, but simply can’t get the puff pastry right. Hmm. So if you know of any delicious meat pies for sale anywhere, then hit me with a comment!

Random food pictures coming ahead.


Grilled Lamb, from the Charcoal Sungkai Skewer Buffet. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S like no words can describe. It was beautiful and tender and so so so so melt-in-my-mouth. I am definitely coming back soon. This is DEFINTELY in Turquoise and Roses’s recommended restaurants for puasa. You simply MUST go there!

Cookies and Cream from Miri. I went there last week so I’m now jetlagged. Apakan! Miri pun jetlag. I haven’t been there in years so it was real nice. Many many new things. I was quite sakai. For everyone’s information, sungkai in Miri is 5 minutes behind Brunei time. 🙂

Will update soon.

6 thoughts on “Does anyone know where I can get delicious meat pies?

  1. are those teeth marks? LOL! my colleagues and i r going this monday to charcoal! but u have definitely increased my excitement to a whole new level! hehehehehe.. i cant wait for it to melt in my mouth!


  2. LOL, err no.. those are…. “funny depressions caused by mastication devices within the lower facial cavity” hahahah! Hope you have a GREAT time at charcoal! OVEREAT for me!


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