Exclusive Interview: Candid Dialogues Live

I apologise that processing the video had taken more time than I thought. KAN JULING KU MENGEDIT. The video is unfortunately cut into two halves, Part 1 and Part 2. I hope that everyone can follow the interview. I’ve manipulated voice to make it louder to the best of my limited abilities (there is a distinct background sound of…. running water) and I’ve also censored as much as I could.

What you unfortunately won’t see in the videos: Faces of the Interviewees, as they have explicitly said, and I quote, “we are private people”. SO I have applied some visual filters to mask the scenes.

There will be an introductory few seconds in the beginning by me, and the rest is pretty much Muaz’s interview skills. 🙂

It is uploading to YouTube as we speak. It’s a bit long, so patience is a virtue. Hehe. Watch this space. In the mean time, commentary by Muaz is available here.

UPDATE (3.00pm): Here is the first part of the interview. Please try to not comment yet until you’ve watched the second part (upload not complete yet), thanks!

Disclaimer: For those who noticed the question, we definitely did NOT say that we were from the Brunei Times when we were asked. But we did say, we represent the “Bruneian Blogging Community” hehe. Sorry guys, had to say something. 😉

UPDATE (11.15pm): Here is the second part of the interview finally uploaded (atu belangau). I was using a PC for the hell of it and Firefox actually crashed on me 2 times while uploading this. See why I love Macs?

There it is. First of all, I was definitely impressed that they agreed to do the interview. There was not much hesitation on their part when we asked for the interview, after all, they deserve as equal a chance as everyone to defend themselves. I don’t want to bash the restaurant yet I am very sympathetic and outraged by the story from the bulletin.

There are definitely inconsistencies between the story of the customers and the story of Wecan owners. One say this but the other say that. Which one is telling the truth? I cam for clarification, but instead ended up being more muddled. Adakah kayu bergoyang tanpa adanya angin? But in their position what would you do?

The table with 4 seats was indeed given away to other people but sure they only ate a piece of kurma (and some drinks) because all the food from the buffet was gone. Their father indeed used the surau for praying but they actually came also to sungkai. But with the absence of food they left. However, this doesn’t mean that the owners were untruthful in their story because at the time, the 4 people dealt only with one of the workers.

Frankly, at face value, I can definitely sympathise with both parties. Sure the customers were a bit noisy and was affecting the restaurants ambience, but then again, the restaurant owners did not exactly handle the situation well. I think both parties could have reached an amicable conclusion should discussion continue between them. Perhaps also the policy of “pay for all bookings regardless of how many in attendance” should be even more clearly stated.

In the end you have to decide yourself. It’s a good restaurant but needs serious revamping in the “service” and “customer appreciation” department.

Let this be a lesson to all restaurateurs, be clear with not-so-common policies such as this, remember that they are your breadwinners and thus must be appreciated. Let this also be a lesson to diners, make sure you get all the correct information, don’t be afriad to ask if you are unsure. Be reasonable and polite no matter what the situation is.

To the 10 customers who had to suffer such an embarrassing spectacle, don’t think that your experience have been put aside. Take comfort in the effects your story have on people, take pride in the fact that you have opened many eyes, and hopefully no one would ever again have to endure anything like that. Let us all take whats good from this and forgive whats bad.

UPDATE: Apologies to those who came here for a recording of the interview. At the request (through phonecall) of the Wecan Restaurant’s manager, the videos have been privatised and members of the public will not be able to watch. While you can still see the embedded YouTube player, clicking the “Play” buton will only result in a “Loading…” message with no actual loading.

When I enquired “why”, he simply said, and I quote, “there is no point” and urgently requested for the videos to be removed. I did compromised and negotiated whether a voice recording would be better suited for them. However,he refused and reiterated, “there is no point”.

If you would like to know more of what went on in the interview, please refer to comments section and this blog post. I would like to reiterate that, while the video was being recorded, the interviewees were aware that the camera was rolling and everything they say were being villified on camera. They were also aware that the interview was to be posted online.

For now, apologies from Turquoise and Roses! It is their rights and I am only honouring the request of my interviewees. 🙂


From Wecan owners via text message (spelling mistakes NOT mine):

“Before we started, we had clearly warned you not to take any video or voice recording but we have totatly disregarded our request and instruction. Therefore it was improper for you to have done so. We advise you to totally delete the video and interview, forthwith.Wecan owners.”

Wow, I must have been MUTE and speaking in Pig Latin when I had clearly stated that the video will be posted online for credibility. I was pretty sure I’ve heard a resounding reply of OKAY. More than sure, even. I had not realised there was any confusion. Tsk tsk, these people sure know how to twist words around. But their wishes are their wishes. Next time remind me to have the agreement in writing.

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  1. “..There will be an introductory few seconds in the beginning by me, and the rest is pretty much Muaz’s interview skills..”

    MY interview skills? being modest are we? heh. I doubt I could handle the interview without you helping me. 🙂

    thanks mucho


  2. …Sama kes dengan ANEKA RASA d Qlap….beware ah di sana, teruk tu manager di sana main tuduh menuduh…kepisan…makanannya, duii inda jua berapa…kekekekeke


  3. btw, think we could get a transcript?? if it isn’t too much to ask lah… the running water does make it a bit hard to hear.. hehe sorry mau!!

    but. good job mancy brew! lolol.


  4. This has never happened to me before. Went to empire the other day and I overbooked, 14 came instead of 16. No problem.

    This surprised me because so far I don’t think any restaurants have this policy. It’s not like they lost any custom on the day. They probably lost more custom with the outburst, including mine..


  5. Zul, I agree with you.. I went to Charcoal lastym and i booked for 10 and only 3 turned up. No Problem at all.

    Mana kami kana halau.. padahal kalau kan dikira $28.90 x 7 = $202.30 sudah rugi bisdia tu hari atu.. pi kana terima jua kami masih makan disana. Tantu lagie, makanan nya kana refill lagie sampai kan pacah parut kami makan daging saja.

    Anie.. refill indada.. duit mau.. bisnis apa tu? Kurma sebiji dua pun kan bekira.. Masya Allah.. Pastu di haramkannya lagie yang kana makan atu.. macam tah ya menatapkan hukum..

    I inda pulang kan cakap I inda lagie kan makan d restoran yang kana kontroversikan anie. Pasal kalau kan dikirakan tampat nya atu kira comfy, comfy jua ah.. Ganya harapan I kalau bulih, owners ubah tah sikap atu.. Buat baik anie inda orang kan tau.. Tapi kalau kejahatan anie sampai bila bila org menganang.

    Last but not least, salute to the bloggers.. They have been brave enough to step up and tell us the other side of the story..


  6. Although after watching your interview, i still feel they could have come to a solution which could have benefited one another but instead being force to pay for 14 people when 10 came is absurd. I mean if sungkai outside in restaurants have such rules like that now better sungkai di rumah, save usin… payah2 saja kan main booking-booking segala and end up paying for more. Kitani mana jua dpt predict lau suddenly something came up and customers kurang 1-2 orang. Be reasonable lah, time puasa ane nda rugi apa-apa.


  7. It would be fair if you guys do a separate interview for the lady and the old man, because we wouldn’t know whether they are telling us the truth or not. I can see from the lady’s eyes and judgement that every single thing that she said, the old man just agree or said ‘awu’.. If both of them were interviewed separately, I guess we would know whether they tell the same thing.

    I just have the feeling that they’ve changed the story abit. And she discriminates BIG people, adding that the diners eat alot at that time, well it’s what they pay for each person ($9) and that’s what buffet for. And they dont look professional enough to talk when it comes to restaurant business (and even infront of the videocam).

    Guys, get a separate interview from the diners because we want the truth. I’m still neutral here. Just my opinions from the owner’s video interview. Good job guys! Well done! 🙂


  8. Maurina… can you add me on MSN? you can see my email right? cakapnya di sini hidden .. haha … just wanna clarify something …


  9. the lady owner mentioned the three of them being government officers. So does that mean professionalism was lost somewhere along the lines of running a business, or were they unprofessional from the start?


  10. Did you guys get to interview the customers in question? I find this whole thing amusing. One word comes to mind: “Undignified”. Particularly on the restaurant’s part. The customers should not have been charged for those that didn’t turn up. And seriously, we’ve all made dinner reservations before. How often do the restaurants ever call us just to “reconfirm” our bookings? I’ve only been to this place a couple of times and my problem has always been with their service. Major damage control is in order here!


  11. ok…i studied a bit of human behaviour. certainly theres a change of story for d sake of the restaurant.from her reaction, talking and everything,eye contact….some parts she mite making it up.first she talks fast n d voice is put to a tone untuk membenar kan diri.this is wat happen when ppl bersalah…just like kids.and her eyes…kept lookin at d two other man beside her. I mean whoeva it is, mmg tau malu kalau kan buat bising ani….nda tau la kalau nda tau malu.there is a way to talk to ppl especially customers,if u started yelling of course ppl will do to.talk nicely n bring them outside…not by saying…”keluar,org disini ramai masih makan,jgn buat kacau.” why cant they just say ok lets talk nicely mayb we can go sumwer else wer ppl wont c n hear.not by tunjuk whos the boss infront of ppl.i suggest other diners from that day to come forward n say what they heard and saw.wallahua`lam… cheers


  12. by stating ur a government official…doesnt help u being a professional! doesnt mean ur a professional in running a business…tat is so lame excuse!


  13. I agree! by doing that already tells,they are not professionals.I never came across a restaurant, if you booked for 10, and only 5 came but still you have to pay for 10.that is just insane! i don’t think any other restaurants are like that. Clearly they can do head counts sitting on the table is only 10 customer.Then they can come up to them and ask “Your booking is for 14 people,is there any changes? ” then the customer side can tell there would only 10 showing up.Thats a good example. Then there wouldn’t be this mess.Not by charging them with 14 people. Come on just do a public announcement and apologize,that would do good for your rep!!


  14. hahaha. oh god.

    ngalih eh.

    can you all feel the negative vibes emanating from all of them?

    lurus tu observer. it is too dark to ignore.

    i tell you..they llok like they got something to hide…like the TRUTH?


  15. First of all I’d say good job to you Maurina & Muaz for making the effort to meet the owners and have their “clarifications” on video.

    Secondly, as I said on Muaz’s post, the results are kinda given. I expected them to of course deny the whole thing. It’s logical really, no one in their right mind would admit to their wrong doings, especially on video! They know you both (and a majority of us) wasn’t there to witness the incident, so no matter what they say in the interview, all of us will just have to take their word for it.

    I’m not being biased but I think that’s a pretty fair evaluation from their behavior and body language as pointed out by observer. If I’m not mistaken, in the initial story, the customers said the securities had to intervene, so maybe you guys should’ve interviewed them too. But then again, they might be working for the owners, so they’d probably wanna save their skin and back-up their employers instead.

    So now what? Are we gonna hear an end to this? I very much doubt it but in the spirit of Ramadhan and with Hari Raya just around the corner, forgiveness is in order. Maybe its easy for us to say that because we weren’t on the receiving end of it.

    One thing for sure, for some of us maybe, when we pass by that place, the word ” ku haramkan” would be ringing in our ears. For those who wishes to give the owners the benefit of the doubt, maybe dropping by once in a while to the place will hopefully show them we are still a caring nation that supports our bumiputeras.

    I must say this has been an interesting Ramadhan. I’m curious to see if next year, there will be a change in restaurants seat bookings policies.

    p.s. btw, to those with good resources and research skills, maybe it’ll be good to find out what are the restaurants bookings formalities in our neighbouring countries too.


  16. “Internet….kanak-kanak”??? wow, these people really have a habit of discriminating others huh!! hehe… well, it would have been fair if the customers were there too during the interview, baru ia inda belabih becakap kali the lady owner ah, she was being defensive don’t you think?

    Hmmm… Wallauhu’alam… like they once supposedly sent an sms to another customer who cancelled their booking;
    “Semoga biskita sekeluarga dijauhi dari bala” or something like that!!! hahaha karma returns…………

    Well done maurina n muaz… u guys rock!!!!


  17. siapa mandi atu kan? heheh

    Internet, kanak kanak? Something called a press statement works. This is Brunei, an anonymous complaint doesn’t stay anonymous for long.

    Senior government official kah, senior boss kah General of the Army kah…..if you make a mistake, you make a mistake. ANd what’s more, flaunting that you are aBrunei gov.officer really ends you no credit-kl berapa kita balik keraja dulu masa ina puasa, 3.00 kah 3.30? and a terrible habit of government officers- cakap rojak banar, yang English atu lintang pukang :/

    The customers apparently told the restaurant only at the last minute that 4 people were missing- that has broken the covenant of agreement; they should have told before hand BEFORE eating. Like it or not that’s the rule.

    Rule of thumb- kalau sungkai buffet, tolong datang awal, tua kah muda. ani buat hal plang datang akhir akhir macam VIP…

    Screaming matches at the counter? Aggressive customers? In the spirit of Ramadhan, I do NOT hope for forgiveness and I do NOT hope for reconciliation. Neither party (if the story is correct) deserves it and will never deserve it until it comes down from the sourse itself. There is no Satan or Jin to influence people here, it just shows the caveman hasn’t left Brunei. He just put on some clothes.


  18. People, the fact is an agreement has to be agreed by both party before it becomes a contract. If the stipulation said that they have to pay for 14 people and they agree only then the restaurant can ask payment of 14 ppl. The fact is businesses like this should not be allowed to make rules mcm ani after customers drg makan. They shud do it before ….. I went to C&G which are much better than Wecan we booked for 7 & 5 turned up but we werent charge extra. Bukannya catering org kahwin ni….where if you book for 1000 and only 500 showed up you still have to pay for the 1000.

    Im sure the customers were caught by surprised when they received the bill…I guess thats why they went all defensive. But them being customers they are allowed to do that. But business owners they have to be professional when it comes to dealing with these sort of customers. They are taking hard earned money from their customers so they should do the extra step to solve this problem. benda haram ani works both ways. If the customers were asked to pay for 14 people under duress, then the restaurant would ambil duit haram. Even big business like Shell for eg, if a small contractor makes a complaint, they will try to re mediate the problem ASAP without any conflicts.

    On a separate topic, I definitely know the female owner. Hence I wouldnt be suprised if the owner was capable of saying or doing such horrible things.

    Maurina: Sorry babe, I had to delete out some parts. I apologise


  19. Ive been looking at the videos again. They really look satisfied explaining themselves its like they are pushing all the blame to the customers and not themselves.

    Why dont you guys try to interview a few of the customers who were involved in this incident at least you’ll get both sides of the story.


  20. aisboi, the bulletin was written down by the customers themselves. i believe we do have BOTH sides of the story.

    i will not be conducting anymore interviews. I think the circulated bulletin on Muaz’s blog, and the interview with the wecan owners are both already enough for everyone as intelligent human beings to judge which party is on the right side and which party is wrong.


  21. good good. mesti ada rules baru jua.. Siapa “badan basar” inda boleh DI REFILL.

    tahun dapan charge tah $25 per head eh, baru ngam standard macam empire…

    ani $9 style kampong jua masih tu kan.. Durang bukan orang kampong kan.. so buat lah style Empire or rizqun kah with 100 varities.

    eh sasak ku badan basar nya hehe.


  22. mau, u have the phone no of one of the ’14 minus 4 customers’ right? (pause when u reach the part where the owner of the restO showed u guys the booking lists). now their turn to be interviewed. 🙂


  23. Hhahahahahah!! Mauu mauuu.. I agree with SEFOL.. jadinya TEN FAT PPL equals 14 normal size people!!! LOL!!! Bulihhh.. astahhh.. mengapatah di charge nya 9 ringgit ganya.. WE CAN-NOT do that bah!! apakan!!!.. Patutnya ada awal2 POLICY that clearly states “KALAU LAMPUH BAYAR EXTRA SEBAB GERENTI ORG LAMPUH BANYAK MENGAUT”.. hahah..

    Gali ati ku eh.. another observation of mine is sejak bila orang Brunei ikut undang-undang CONTRACT ah??.. hahahahah.. ketawa ku mendangar.. CONSUMER LAW is basically NON-EXISTENT kaliah..bulih!!!

    Rationale-nya: Jadinya kalau ke restaurant atu misti badan KURUS.. mun lampuh tepaksa BETAPAU extra dari rumah!! LOL!!!.. dan rupanya orang lampoh ani orang KAMPONG!! hahaha…


  24. eh payah jua procedure WE CAN rest. atu ah…baru ku tahu..kami makan di RBC (consider as a standard rest..way better than WE CAN i suppose) we booked 12 sits but turned up 10..nda jua jadi masalah n they even chagred kami for 10sits gnya ey..iatah namanya ni restaurant melayu..suka2 hati buat undang2 hahaha cana kan maju business melayu ni??


  25. Mau, you have to admit you were one sided from the beginning. Just reading at your posts tell me that. The words you used. Funny you should consider yourself nutral. Similarly to Muaz. Forgive and learn? You were the one who made this big in the first place. So stop being funny and stay your position. Dont call yourselves neutral. You wanted to make the owners pay from the beginning so be proud of that stand.

    Maurina: Was I? I admit I was one-sided in the beginning but after reading all comments including yours, listening to both sides, as I’ve said in my post, I understand where the owners were coming from and thus adjusted my point of view accordingly. I don’t see anything wrong or funny about that. I want to be on the right side.

    This has been enlightening. Some restaurants do practice this (charging as per booking) and some dont. And i would suggest that its up to the owners whether they want to charge or not. Not the customers. If this incident had been in Singapore of the UK, we probably wouldnt hear a whimper from the same customers. They would just pay and meekly leave. But this is Brunei. Customers argue and argue and make noise until they get their way. We dont want to be ‘cheated’ by a fellow Bruneian. No way. Rules dont apply in Brunei. Semua boleh runding.

    Yes some restaurants definitely practice this. No argument there. Though in UK and Singapore, a whimper wouldn’t be heard because they two parties would have reached an amicable solution which would benefit both parties.

    I missed the recordings. It was deleted before i could see them. I would have liked to see and hear the owners take on their customers…were they argumentative? noisy? rude? reasonable? How about listening from the customers themselves? How about interviewing them? Ask them whether they were rude? Did they raise their voice or say things bad t the restaurant? or whether they had any intention at all to pay? Afte all, they just wanted a clarification. So after the owners clarified, would they have paid?

    What was the whole point anyway?

    the point of the recordings was to show everyone both sides of the story. so we all won’t be biased, so we all won’t be one sided. if we take action, it is action taken after hearing BOTH sides of the story

    In Brunei, we are so lax about agreements. We dont really care about being honest or of adhering to agreements. Bookings through the phone is taken so lightly. Many people purposely overbook “just in case”. Its silly. We take it so lightly. Look at this case. The customers themselves dont know how many people will turn up. They just book for 14 “just in case”. And they didnt have the nicety in them to adjust their booking. Hey its not their loss right?

    Hmm, wouldn’t you say you’re being one-sided with that statement? They could’ve had emergencies, or whatever. They stated also that they were not inform of the restaurant’s policy. The restaurant was informed that the ones in attendance would only be 10 people, but it was only minutes before sungkai, so I find the customers at fault in that instance.

    So where are we as a society? Are we not mature enough to live this new world. In this new world, our word is our bond. If we agree, we do our best to adhere to what we agreed. If we booked for 14, then stick to our word. We dont need any official policy to tell us that. We are muslims. We are a law abiding society. We are not a cowboy kampung anymore. Our world has gone global. Agreements are made on the telephone all the time. If we take that lightly, where are we? How would we expect others to take us seriously? How would we expect the world to take Bruneians seriously?

    I support you with that, I personally do not like people backing up on their word. I despise broken promises but everything is in the end “Insya Allah”. It is not fair for you to blame the customers when we don’t know what really happenned to the 4 absent people. God was not willing to let them come that day.Don’t let few people tarnish whatever few dignified perception you have on the whole of Brunei population. Overgeneralising is not attractive.

    Our word is our bond. If we are not ready to stick to that, then we are not ready to live this world.

    And I appreciate your comment Anon. Thank you.


  26. SEFOLISM – hahahah.. bunyi aing macam urang mandi ah!! hahahah.. suak2!! Nah keluar lagi satu ISSUE baruuu.. JANGAN MEMBAZIR AING!!!.. hahahahha.. LOL!!!

    WANGS – Hey, cannot laugh too much you know, it can make ppl fat one!! Otherwise cannot go restaurant and eattt maaa!! Must slim down first then can go.. hahaha!!


  27. “Before we started, we had clearly warned you not to take any video or voice recording but we have totatly disregarded our request and instruction. Therefore it was improper for you to have done so. We advise you to totally delete the video and interview, forthwith.Wecan owners.”

    Hi Mau,

    Laaa……inda sampat liat video ah.
    Like I am so the very the surprise, kajap it’s okay to take the video then when it was posted, they took it back and say andang nda buleh tia. Cana kan tu? Klau catu, Why not they stopped you from the start from taking any video cams.

    I really don’t like the message they send to you. The “rudeness” is still there, just like the message they sent to the other customer. Nampak kan menyalah kan orang sja atu bah. So it must be the same with the story before with the other customers. I think for them, they do not have the policy of “The customers is always right”, instead they have ” The Owners is always right” {even when they twist their stories and be rude to people in a “”POLITE WAY””} Somehow the interview bukan plg kan make a fair view of both sides but to show how true one side is. And you can guess which side that is.

    Aiii!! ada -ada saja.


  28. Hahahahahah.. I find everything so hilarious! I beg to differ on the part where Bruneians are law abiding people though!! hahahahah!! That is justtt sooo funny!!! No offence!!!

    And just for argument’s sakes.. adhering to agreements in Brunei has a lot to do will cuture and not the law. Its culture that shapes our society as ‘bulih runding’ society. And on the point of being a muslim, I’m ASSUMING its RIBA charging more than intended.

    Hahaha.. Mau, kalau 4 orang nda jadi datang tepaksa tah tani memanggil segala urang tailan dan bangladesh yang bejalan2 atu to make the magic number 14 complete.. hahahahah.. dibayarkan tarus.. kira besedakah lah tarus!!

    Btw, one more point.. I find it offensive to hear people reffering to agreements, contracts and the law when they know nothing about it.

    I rest my case.


  29. Base on pengalaman ku booking booking ani aku inda pernah mendangar policy restoran macam ani di Brunei… booking 20 pax datang nya 15 pax yang di bayar pun untuk 15 pax saja nda jua owner nya marah-marah sampai main hukum halal haram ani wah… nama nya buffet… buffet erti nya eat all you can (lurus ka? mun nda lurus minta maaf ku) jangan plang eat all you can atu memaus sorang-sorang atu terluan jua tabarus nya… inda lagi ingat orang lain… tapi yang ku tahu buffet yang pakai package, kali jua ah… ani banar plang ni mun pakai package… booking 20 pax yang makan untuk buffet menu package datang nya 15 pax saja yang hadir atu tantu customer membayar makanan atu untuk 20 pax… boleh tapau labihnya kalau mahu… atu baru lurus… puas sudah ku jalan-jalan cari makan bukan saja dalam negeri sendiri luar negeri pun sudah ku merasai nyaman inda nyaman atu belakang kira yang penting customer puas hati supaya bisdurang nyanyat bukan nya jara… ok atu saja lah kali…


  30. mamalobes. you’re not the only one who understand laws and contracts. Now that is funny. Why dont you enlighten us in this case. Who should have bowed out in the first place?
    True, charging more is wrong, but in this case, were they wrong? Is the general practice of charging as per booking wrong?

    anon, I apologise but I have to edit out some parts of the comment to protect M’s identity


  31. bruneian r law abiding people??

    kalau arah motorway kalau 100 kmh, memang sampai tu laju nya, kalau traffic light, Red Light memang means stop, Green Light memang means Go.

    Yellow light = ACCELERATE, GO FASTER. lurus kan? inda tahu di luar negeri ah… hehe

    mamalobeng: aku masih inda faham, sorry maklum ku orang kampong hehehe


  32. YEEEEHAAAA!!! Personal attack!! I’m soooo flattered!!! MY OPINIONS are per para 35 above!!! hahahahah!!!.. Glad to know you know who I am 😉

    Jan EMOSI, semua blog blog karang semua EMOSI.. relax.. sahaja aku berpuasa pada esuk hari kerana Allah Ta’ala.. PEASSS!!!


  33. Just a parody, just too loosen up the tension in here. I hope the blog owner won’t delete it.

    Peraturan menikmati Sungkai Buffet di restoran ini;

    1. Kalau membooking seats atu, make sure lurus-lurus, kalau ada yang inda datang, misti kamu bayar. Kalau kamu inda mau membayar, kami haramkan tu apa yang kamu makan pasal kamu inda mau besedekah untuk membayar untuk urang yang inda datang ah.

    2. Datang awal, jangan complain kalau makanan inda cukup, kami cukup-cukup memasak and inda kami merefill lagi tu. Kita inda ampit kita punya pasal lah tu.

    3. Merujuk ke point no.2, masaalah makanan inda cukup bukan masaalah kami, ianya slalu kes pasal urang rangka mengaut banyak2.

    4. Merujuk ke point no.3, bila mengambil makanan, sila ambil perhatian kepada size-size sudu-sudu yang di sedia kan.
    – Sudu A ialah untuk kanak-kanak.
    – Sudu B ialah untuk orang dewasa yang berat badan nya 55kg ke bawah.
    – Sudu C ialah untuk orang dewasa yang berat badan nya 55kg ke atas.
    Jika biskita inda sure berat badan biskita, sila gunakan timbangan berat badan yang di sediakan di permulaan meja buffet.

    5.Jangan tah biskita kan bekaras pasal contract kah, customer rights kah or watever. Ani restaurant kami, sukahati saja kami buat peraturan kami, kita inda suka, silakan keluar sebelum kami menaraisi biskita.

    6. Sila ambil perhatian, kami ani orang moden, bukan kampung2, so semua peraturan kami ani andang inda biskita biasa kali.

    7. Kalau biskita inda happy pasal service kami, jangan tah kan complain online, kanak2 ganya tu yang kan buang masa membuat cematu ah, inda professional macam kami.

    Kami harap peraturan tersebut di atas mudah difahami, kalau biskita inda setuju, silakan tah biskita keluar dan semoga biskita sekeluarga dijauhi dari bala.

    Maurina: ABIS KU KAMU ANI! Too funny to delete!!!


  34. Anon,

    I am boisterously entertained by your posts. I’ve noticed that on most blogs where this is being discussed, you (assumption here) never fail to leave your two cents behind. Careful there, wouldn’t wanna lose all your pennies now, would we?

    As articulate as your comments may be, as well thought out as they seem to be, why not just give it a rest? If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it you who said that none of us were there to witness first hand what really unraveled that night? Yet, you are commenting as though you were. How, you might ask. Well, let me indulge you because for every negative comment left behind, you try with all your might to spin it around. A spinmeister, if I may. But at what point will you admit that, based on a majority consensus, the incident more likely than not did take place?

    And for real, you shizzle my dizzle with the charging per booking bit. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a seasoned traveler and very rarely do I ever come across that policy. You have those in the Michelin rated restaurants but those normally take months to book so why would anyone want to give it up in the first place? I digress. I’m sure you’d know that restaurants in certain countries have the right to refuse service to someone but to charge for per booking under normal circumstances? Rare.

    Anyways, I just beg to differ with your stand that if this happened anywhere outside of Brunei, it would have been a drop in the ocean. It would have more than likely cause a ruckus, if anything. Let’s not forget those pesky Consumer Rights body (you’d know what that is since you’re big into law). I’m just saying.

    “Our word is our bond. If we are not ready to stick to that, then we are not ready to live this world.”

    Deep. But really, may I respectfully suggest that you come and live in the real world every now and then. The world is becoming more and more litigious, so it would seem that facts would be on my side on this one. But nice try.

    Oh yah.. I’m back! 😀

    Maurina: LOL! Welcome back! First time commenting here I see!


  35. hahaha good one just for laughs, also anakbrunei woooohoooo….. oh anon, restaurant atu saudaramu punya kah????? hahahhaa sooo depensip eh!!!


  36. Anon,

    While you were on about your arguments of how your word is your bond, which i agree as well, you missed another important issue of this alledged incident.

    Was the alledged action taken by the restaurant owners appropriate to the situation?

    In the video, the owners seem to be relentless blaming the customer instead and insert accusation which are blatantly baseless. I strongly recall the owners saying that the customers were trying to manipulate the restaurant owners, taking advantage, etc etc

    The posts also seems to suggest that the restaurant owners resorted to rude comments, loud voices, etc during the time of the incident.

    If the account of the alledged incident by the victim is true,

    What’s this? What happened to respect?

    If the restaurant owners had a sense of humility, respect and appreciation the people around them, do you think they’d resort to shouting or rude comments? Takea few seconds off to reflect and imagine how would anyone (you) feel if being treated like that?

    We got brains, we understand and it doesnt take aggression to tell people something.

    And as for the accusation, on what basis are those comments made? Are we already judging people by the quantity of food they eat? and by how they look? It doesn’t make sense.

    So how is ‘society’ going to be mature and work together, if we lack respect, become judgemental and do actions without accountability with each other?

    What about the humility of asking for forgiveness? with the wonderful malay culture, such things should be first on the mind. is it so hard to that now? Or have we gone to the mentality of being better than others?

    I’ve gone haywire on this not because of the cause of alledged incident itself (which come to think of it, isn’t a really big deal, book 14 people,10 come, blah blah), but because of the alledged actions that have risen from it.

    As for the restaurant owners, if YOU think YOU are still right, (which i have laughed at the stupid logic of the argument.. in my opinion) then why be afraid of letting the video be aired? It is, afterall, a chance to redeem yourself with your explanation.

    (ive used alledged a lot to cover my ass, because there aren’t any physical proof or confirmed witness to this incident)


  37. cali eh cali.

    just for laughs- baiktah make sure copyright tu your rules. silap2 kana pakai and kana akun diurang membuat sendiri.

    makai sudu c tah ku niiii. its just as bad as going to a kedai and the salesgirl cakap…’your size will be the biggest mum’.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH PACAH KU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ai aku pun jua sudu C! Malu ku lampuh hahahahaahha!


  38. eh awu ahhh! esuk ku copyright tu! mana2 restaurant yang ingin kan memakai rules atu, can pay royalties to me! kalau inda ku sue kamu!

    Sudu A – tea spoon
    Sudu B – table spoon
    Sudu C – infant spoon (maximum 3 kali kaut per dish!)


  39. Wangs – Yes, i have to.. juling ku sudah ni!

    Mr. Z – Hahahah.. I love you too??.. lol!!!

    Just for laughs – Eh, baiktah kupirait, walaupun copyright laws alum enforced di sini ani, but hey, surprise2 I am not the ONLY one who understands laws and contracts kaliahhhh buliehhh!!! hahahahah!!!

    Twelve- Aku pun sudu C *singih2*

    Maurina – UR ON FIRE!! Kau HOTTT lah!!! :>


  40. Maurina-

    I didn’t get to see the video, so apologies if you already did this, and if not you’ve probably already concluded the same, but–


    Then they can’t claim otherwise after the fact.


  41. “And as for the accusation, on what basis are those comments made? Are we already judging people by the quantity of food they eat? and by how they look? It doesn’t make sense.”

    I’ve seen judgements made on far lesser terms in Brunei. Red Flag pops up when people say ‘we are government servants, we know better.’ It’s the opposite, no one teaches them true values of appreciation (probably because it’s seen as Western, bla bla bla). G-Men know the least about society and people, no matter how many eatings (they cal it meetings) they have.

    tambah 1 sudu lah: Sudu D- sudu ubat. Pelanggan mesti cuci sendiri!


  42. aaaaaargggghhhh!!!!

    Mauu….sasak ku. apakan sms dorang ah. but yea, pandai jua dorang beruri. if they aint got nothing to hide, then WHY?

    i don’t understand eyh. forrrevverrr.

    d opis ku masih ni. belangau. buleih..bangas my crita. hahaha. terlampau over marinate. kalah2 kan cakap pasal politics. mesti ada clearance. hahaha. kena buang dari negeri kali ni?

    buring bui, hahaha. *snorts*

    i rest my case. if kena hold lagi buat wrapping paper saja eh.

    it’s not the kind of thing i’d blog about lagi, canatah tu. heh’

    Oh, and yea, aku sudu C jua tu. bagus, boleh diet tarus.

    oh, and instead of All-You-Can-Eat…buat tah One-Time-Only-Eat.

    Paham jua orang.


  43. Firstly, kudos to Maurina and Muaz for having the guts to make an in-depth expose’ especially with these so-called private people. Esseeehh restaurant for public tapi private..apakaannnn?

    The restaurant owners think they are all that huh, being govt servants and all that! Puhleeassseeeeeee..

    None of us know what actually happened since both parties have given different views. I am, however, irritated by the way they have responded to the questions..defensive juaaaa…shallow lagi opinionnya.

    Taking the whole thing into perspective, it shows that our society today is more discerning, therefore there is a need to always improve the customer service! Pintar-pintar kali ah org Brunei ani…yeaaahh Brunei!


  44. hehe, tapuk dada tanya selera.. sorang-sorang ada garak ati mana satu yang telling the truth or nda.. haha apa garak ati kamu? haha

    maw – *thumbs up*


  45. Dari SMS WE Can sudah buleh ketani tau siapa penipu. Bloody liars.

    Alasan No point???If they think they were right..they would have allowed you to just leave the video uploaded, inda jua durang rugi, its not like they’re paying big bucks for people to see the video. I think they just realize how ridiculous they sound.

    Ive never been to WE CAN, I don’t think I will…..ever,lagipun…badanku basar….nda buleh masuk restaurant cemani…. this incident has just given them a really bad first impression.


  46. To Anon,

    I think you’re missing the point here.

    It’s not about the so-called “policy” that the owners have set per se. It is *their* restaurant after all and they can set whatever rules they like. However, having the “policy” in place and how they have chosen to act in implementing those policies have created a lot of bad blood. Furthermore the “interview” and their subsequent actions have hardly represented them in a favorable light.

    At the end of the day there is only one loser.

    Is it the customers? Not really…. .Is it the blogging community? No…….Is it the public in general? None at all…….So who is the loser here?

    The loser is the restaurant. They have tarnished their image and put off a lot of people from ever going there. Bad publicity sticks and in Brunei’s small but very competitive market it is just something than you can’t afford to have. By now this story would have spread all over Brunei.

    And to think it was all because of a dispute over “missing” diners……What is that? $40 dollars in extra revenue? Potential loss in future revenue because of bad publicity? Immeasurable

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!


  47. kenapakan kalau urang atu dari kampung..? what is she trying to say yang ya bukan urang kampung? semua jua urang brunei ani tedapat kampung…


  48. LOL. BTW, CALIIII EH YANG SUDU AH. Sudu untuk urang LAMPUH macam aku nada kah? Sudu ikut size baju. macam UK 16 US 42 and bla bla. MAU JUA KU MENCUBA TU.


  49. Hmm…there are other anons here.

    I guess my words stirred a few emotional responses.

    sbc, i like your comments tho i think you’re missing my points. Everyone here is bent on blaming the restaurant. I find that wrong. Nobody here was there and everyone suddenly stopped seeing the owners as just ordinary human beings. Humans are like animals. They attack when attacked. So what i did was just putting in possibilities of what has happened. Trying to level things a bit maybe so everyone here would stop being so harsh on the restaurant. What of i was right? ..that the customers were making a fuss about not paying and so much noise (maybe a harsh word or a swear word here and there) and it finally got to the owners and they lost their temper?? Like you said i only responded to “every negative comment” people left behind. Why should people leave negative comments against a restaurant that did nothing to them?

    Oh i wouldnt ‘shizzle your dizzzle’ (i wouldnt be anywhere near your dizzle man). i doubt you’ve ever tried to book a restaurant seating and then have turn up with fewer people overseas. If you have, then you’ve surely experienced instances when you’re cgarged for the extra bookings. Honestly. And most people know that you book only for the seats your need and to cancel those you dont. And you would know if you dont, the restaurant would likely charge you for the extra bookings. If you havent experienced this, then maybe you should try this the next time you travel. My point was, if you were charged, you probably would just raise a few questions from the waiter and in the end you wouldnt make a big fuss about it and just pay. Unlike in Brunei where you would probably argue and refuse to pay until you win.

    And the ‘real world’ comment? Was that necessary?

    Airul, we really havent heard from the actual customers have we?? We have only hear from the “posts”. Why dont we ask our dear Mau to do a video recording of them instead. Lets ask them what really happened. WHo really started it and who said rude words first etc Dont forget to interview ALL 10 customers..and separately..just to hear from them what really happened.

    C’mon Mau, indulge me. Lets hear from the customers. Maybe i’m wrong after all and the owners were just bullies.


  50. To Anon :

    do you have any relation with the restaurant?

    HUMANS are like ANIMAL? Who would agree on that? If you do so, the owners really behave like ANIMAL. So you’re part of the ANIMAL too. Animal anie banyak jua. Ada reptiles, amphibians, mammals,etc. So which group of ANIMAL are you? I believe I’m still human with sudu category C 🙂

    No wonder they won’t refill those buffets. They think every customer as animals (BIG animals to be specific).

    lap u mamalobengs!!

    Creative stuff JustForLaughs!!


  51. To Anon:

    When an intelligent human is attacked in a conversation, they would simply attack but with a low-tone, reply in a good manner (in malay human race, we call that ‘bersopan santun, berbudi-bahasa). I guess ANIMALS would just attack and spread the fire so that they could fight.

    As a human sudu C customer, I would be surprised if the total amount of bill is not the same amount as I expected:

    Is it because I take another round for foods?
    or did I use the wrong spoon(sudu D)?

    I would ask them then the animal owners simply tell me that we have to pay the unoccupied bookings. For some reason, there’s some people out there that doesn’t know this policy (Do you think everyone has experienced going outside the country?). So they might not know those animal policy. Customers would simply attack (verbally). Ok, in your case Anon, you said that the humans are like animals, they attack when attacked. So as you claimed that the owners are animals lah tu. They attack when attacked.

    If humans, they would simply calm the situation professionally (not by yelling and call the securities to get rid of them, they said it embarassed the animal owner because other customer were there too, right?). The owner make the fire so BIG one now from the fire-starter (customer). kalau ada api, jgn lagi di maraki api, sedekah air kah, ice batu kah, bulan puasa jua ni, nda ja? I’m just replying in a good ice water human manner in reference to your previous post. Thank you.


  52. It’s true that there are some restaurants out there whose policy is such that the customers have to pay based on the bookings made. It’s a common practice in countries such as USA and Europe, but not as common here in Brunei. I think the logic behind this is pretty understandable i.e. if they had informed the owners earlier to cancel, the seats could have been given to someone else who may have called the restaurant but was informed the place was fully booked.

    However, in this case the 4 seats were given away to other customers and I am of the opinion that the 4 seats no longer belong to the initial customers since it was agreed to be ‘given away’. Furthermore, those customers left because the food wasn’t enough, so why was anyone made to pay at all? There wasn’t any food, right?? But that’s another topic to debate.

    I think the important lesson to be learnt here is that dining establishments should state what their policies are before customers sit down and eat to avoid conflict and miscommunications such as these. For e.g. when eating during all-you-can-eat , waiters/waitresses inform customers beforehand that any leftovers will be charged per kg, before customers start ordering like mad 😉

    So if a restaurant’s policy is if you book a certain number but less show up, you’ll be charged for the initial number you booked for, that’s fine…it’s their restaurant, their rules. BUT make sure the customers know that BEFOREHAND so they know what they will be charged for.

    It seems like the argument got way out of hand, and all the shouting and swearing must have made the other customers very uncomfortable. They should have had their discussion/argument in a more private setting as to not offend other customers who were still trying to enjoy thier food. All I know is, if I was one of the customers witnessing the event, I would not want to come back due to the discomfort caused.


  53. I never got to see the interview but reading your article, maurina, and everybody’s comments, this is what I have learnt and decided for myself….

    1) When organising a group meal at a restaurant, I will endeavour, first, to make sure that everyone in my party is confirmed to come, and subsequently, I will then make bookings for the confirmed number stated.

    2) When making restaurant bookings, I will not forget to ask for ALL the restaurant policies and regulations, if any, to be told to me.

    3) In the event any person from my party is not able to come, I will inform the restaurant as early as possible.

    4) For last minute cancellations, I will accept the consequences of paying for the number I had earlier booked for. I will, however, try to appeal to the restaurant, and request to only pay for the number that turned up, at least once, (have to try or menyesal otherwise), in a rational, reasonable manner.

    I think that’s the least I can do to avoid situations such as this to ever happen to me. That is what I’m taking from this topic and the many insights and opinions.

    May all your restaurant experiences be always pleasant and problem-free from now on.


  54. Hmm..Anon…was kinda one-sided with her style of comments…Don’t u ppl think so? You know what…we can’t talk much about this until we experience the same thing…


  55. LOL.. hahaha!! Ramai armchair lawyers di Brunei ani rupanya! hahahah.. anon ani senior government officials jua kah.. atau unemployed as half of the law abiding brunei citizens are?

    What a beautiful monday morning!! hahaha..baik jua ku nda puasa.. ~sahaja aku berbuka puasa~~..hahahahah!!!


  56. To anon:

    “Why should people leave negative comments against a restaurant that did nothing to them?”

    Because last few months, I booked seats at your restaurant for my big family (and not the BIG that you’ve told us in the interview). It was on Friday, my family came but before we came in, a lady (probably you or maybe the other anon here) told me that my bookings were cancelled just BECAUSE of they’re having a private family function.. Why didn’t you text or call me up Anon? We left the place. There’s more restaurant out there.

    This is just my personal experience with your restaurant Anon. It’s not related to the issue above. But to answer your question above then : YES! they (or its you) did something to us. My family and I actually doesn’t mind having our bookings cancelled, but it’s the rudeness that the lady (maybe its you, really) informed us. Even to my old orang kampung parents. Semoga Anon sekeluarga dijauhi dari bala. (well that’s what you practised in your text messages) hehe


  57. Anon,

    To answer you, in my opinion, I felt that it was necessary since you make it sound like we’re living in Utopia. Just saying. Nothing personal.

    I’ve had enough of this already so the comment space is all yours now.

    Oh, before I forget, Mamalobengs rocks. I luv you Mamalobengs.


  58. Tech, very emotional jua. Read my posts again. I am not in any way related to the restaurant. I dont even know where it is nor have i ever even been there. That clear enough?

    I guess theres no point having a polite conversation with you is there? Whatever the argument here is doesnt matter as long the that particular restaurant is brought down. Simply because the owners cancelled your booking one time ago.

    Is that the typical behaviour of us Bruneians? I dont think so. We are a polite culture. If someone is rude against us, should be rude in return?


  59. I’m glad that atleast I bring a few laughter into all this hoohaa! Terima kasih atas sokongan biskita. Puasa bah, kan tension ani membari lapar jua tuuu, baiktah baibun.

    One thing yang ku ingat about that place ah (masa ku melintas), tampat “surau” nya ada disco lights! Hahaha…

    Anon – Banar tu urang Brunei polite culture. Mana ada style kitani merefer humans sama macam animals ;p


  60. Bah ANON, sudah tah eh, nda biskita sangal kah?Aku pulang bepaluh ali2 mikirkan! Adangtah.. sadang2 saja apa dalam dunia ani! RAYA NDA LAGI BATAH!! There IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANGSA bah nyanta.. as you already know, there are TWO SIDES TO A COIN, paham jua biskita since you are LEARNED & CULTURED!! Bah eh, Maaf ZAHIR saja ah.. BATIN nda payah.. hehe sebab nda kenal!!! :>

    To ll – YOU GUYS ROCK BEBEH!! Maaf Zahir Batin.. maklum nda beraya di KAMPUNG tahun ani!!

    Yours truly,
    Kampong girl, mamalobengs!!


  61. awu eh aku mendulur! sampaikan tah seratus! hahahaha. sudah tah eh jahat arah wecan ani.

    nya urang BUANG YANG KERUH AMBIL YANG JERNIH bah. bawa betanang.


  62. YAY!!!100… yehaaa.. macam kanak2 main internet rasaku!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! apakan!!


    allebiuuuuu tooo~ hahaha eh bah adang, buat keraja!


  63. duh.. i miss all the excitement!!! ahaha.. ani baru yg ketinggalan kerita-api…. kesian aku toh ih… malam baru tah kan berinternet bh kanak2 nya ah….

    jz wanna share my 20 cents view….

    buffet = eat all you can. pay per head count. no tapau.
    catering = prepared as per ordered. pay per head ordered. labih bleh tapau.

    sama tapi tidak serupa. does that make sense? anyway, selamat hari raya aidil fitri.


  64. dui, lagi tia ketinggalan aku ah. inda tia ampit sukut baik 100. mamalobengs pun 101. 🙂 anyways, sipun ketinggalan, patutnya org restaurant atu taruh luar pintunya tanda ‘FULL’ masa sungkai ah. inda jua orang lain masuk lagi. 4 meja kosong tu, biar tia kosong. inda ja?


  65. Eh iakan? Restaurant mana? bila? siapa? nda tah halal tu? hahah lagi ketinggalan kerita api aku ah.. tuuttt..! tuuuuuuuttt!! jek.. jek.. jek.. jek.. jek.. tuttt..! tuttttt…!!


  66. apa lah yang kecoh sangat ni… pasal booking policy or no show up kena charges pun jadi issue ka?… aku inda plang pernah kana macam ani… policy memang ada but faham-faham lah some restaurant will not do that to their customers… all i know a big company function yang applicable but i have no idea kalau family gathering or friends gathering also applicable of this policy…

    aku pernah book standard restaurant for 20 persons they do call to confirm my bookings… well sudah datang sana turned out 15 persons saja could made it… i asked with the person who attend my call masa booking and told her that only 15 saja yang dapat datang and another 5 couldn’t made it… guess what, she politely told me whether i want to pay the bill in full for 20 persons or 15 persons and she also politely told me that if i’m willing to settle the bill in full for 20 persons they will provide a take away for 5 person that don’t show up or just pay for 15 persons only no extra charges… see no heated arguement here…

    all i know… if buffet yang pakai package or the food was served just for them saja… ala you know, i know, kira macam private function lah (meaning nya not for public lah) yang you have to pay no matter how much or how many of you could show up… you still have to pay or settle the bill in full according to their package pebaik 5 orang saja yang could datang…

    yang other buffet ani or should i call it as open buffet for all… or eat all you can (doesn’t mean you can eat all atu terluan jua banar tabarus tu… inda lagi ingat kan orang lain) kira semua ampit makan merasai same menu bah (some restaurant will refill kalau abis but some not… atu karit banar lah… takut rugi… yang rugi nya kalau terkana customer atu inda ampit inda jua pedah-pedah tu datang membayar makan inda ampit pebaik murah macam mana tu tantu ku inda membayar ingat kuching ka makan sisa-sisa ani ish…) book 10 but show up only 5 and you pay only for 5 person no extra charges and again still no heated arguement here…

    see… some restaurant owner didn’t use this policy because they know tabiat Bruneians kinda sensitif sikit lah orang kitani ani… mun sekadar 5 orang or more inda show up for that day doesn’t mean ya rugi for that day… hari ani ya rugi tomorrow who knows… cuba tah terkana orang memajal membooking jenis nya inda mau mau jua sudah di bagitahu full masih majal jua lagi tah kepisan ya…

    it’s a matter of how professional the restaurant’s owner and their workers to handle their customers attitude… yeah right… customers always right… that’s true in fact…

    menambah lagi ni… lupa jua ku mention… yang booking ani kira family gathering or friends gathering lah namanya public buffet… semua ampit bah yang makan bukan nya private function untuk durang saja makan, bukan nya jua function orang kawin mun function orang kawin tantu jua ah whatever function lah etc… mun faham bisai mun inda faham usai…mun inda faham jua… eh #$%%$# (bekuluk lidah) kepisan eh…

    (taken from other blog…not mine…just to share share)

    #case closed


  67. I missed the fun….

    cali wecan ani. Bah sudah tah. atleast we know thier TRUE COLOUrS…

    Don’t worry next year macam macam lagi Restaurant buka tu. I tell you.. Brunei bah nie. hehehe.

    “”No money no honey, no Booking No curry” hmm ehhh APakan!

    Selamat menjelang hari raya…


  68. I enjoyed reading the comments one by one and keep forgetting to write one myself.

    Good Job Mau! You’re da best.

    Too bad I didn’t get to see the second video in time…. Darn it.


  69. hahahahahah baru ia banyak eh comments ah. saja comment supaya banyak lagi.

    annoying jua eh c wecan owners atu, ada saja.

    ketara suka twisting their words around.
    woi!! i know you guys are going to read this comment – sadar tah,bisai bisai tah arah customers. Karang hilang semua, siapa rugi?

    masa last year, ia jua kamu treat orang cematu, yes, i know what you did.especially tah tu one of the waitreses ah, majal ia kan minta sedekah.


  70. I know aku ketinggalan but i can’t help to leave a few comments..keke

    1. restaurant booking policy atu is not new to brunei. I encountered a few.
    2. people like me would love to book the exact number of people who would come and eat at the restaurant, but selalu saja ada org lain last minute dtg or last minute inda dtg esp if its not involve your famili members like office-mates etc. so we can’t help it.
    3. i think what happen is that one of the customer atu pemarah, bejumpa lagi the restaurant owner. so fire meet with fire makin marak tia. but its still not right to curse/sumpah someone.
    4. i think it would be really wise if the restaurant buat defensive statement, salah or inda salah. Sal customer atu inda rugi apa2 but restaurant atu will lose some customers. Kalu ia diam2 saja makin melarat cerita. (just like i-lotus bah, diam jua org olehnya) buat an apology bukannya rugi apa2.
    5. Mau, i think its really rude of the Wecan restaurant to treat you and send you that sms, sal what you did was help them to clear their names but during blame ko pulang. inda grateful.

    I think thats it. Fuhh..nyaman ati ku mengoment…keke..


  71. sudah tah guys.. boring .. how about we talk abt kaling lawan kaling berjual kain sampai tengah malam. bersebelahan kadai . hehe

    buy satu metre helah got one free meal voucher. haha


  72. Danng!! PANUH COMMENTS topic aniiii. Terhibur dan paning kepala membaca. Alum lagi yg kan berbls2 comment2. Dang raya nanti jalan ah? Hehehe..


  73. Let me be the last. 🙂
    I rest my case…obviously defending themselves n hiding the truth.Manipulative!I can tell everyone agrees. Mcm racist jua bunyi nya…anti fat ppl!! lau mau jgn buka restaurant.Ur job is to serve! Fat ppl needs loving too..jz like me 😉 And yea…membanding kan manusia sama animal~ Science (org putih) yes they thot human came from animal. But Islam im sure everyone knws….that aint true~ mana ada nabi adam (kira atok tu) from animal. And god clearly say humans created is the special n greatest of all…coz we haf brains n we can think~ wallahuallam (mana tau ku salah)

    Probably restaurant owner tu u can call them that~ but i aint mengakun im from that.

    Oh well ” Ko peduli apa restaurant ku~ restaurant nene ku~ restaurant bapa ku~ aku punya suka la mau buat apa” nyeh nyeh…hehe

    N mau u rawk~ love u to bits eh apakan….Selamat hari raya anyways.tho i dun knw anyone in here.


  74. Guys, Humans ARE like animals. We share the same basic instincts. Sama kan makan, tidor, pangsaii, kuat melawan and babal. Inda 100% sama plang tapi ‘like’. Siapa inda mengakun pernah bekamih beria??


  75. hahahah….kamu ni tah. bnr plang sama makan,tidur,beria,melawan sama babal.Tapi manusia makan tahi kan ? makan makanan yg ampai2? tidur skati di jalan ? dlam utan? iinda ? beria dpn urang ? bekamih arah kerita ? indaa?? melawan tanpa sebab?? mengamuk tanpa sebab? inda….babal ngenya la andang nda mau alah. manusia special diberi akal pikiran.sebab atu tani nda sama binatang~ aparaaa….. mmg org semua bekamih beria~


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