They can: Response confirmed

I just got back from an interview (conducted by Muaz and I) with the Wecan Restaurant owners, three of them to be exact. Everything is on camera, and is very very long! So I’m editting out relevant bits and will post it up as soon as possible.

Stay tuned. It will be very interesting.

4 thoughts on “They can: Response confirmed

  1. Hi, can wait to see the interview clip…I’m a bit traumatised now when it comes to booking for a table….so that day masa sungkai d rizqun I booked for 9 plp but only 7 turned up…so i reminded the waitress that only 7 plp came….( uri tarus ku)…LOL. Well, I am happy to say that thay only charged for 7 plp….btw, the food was FANTASTIC and the musical crowd was EXCELLENT…U should go there 4 sungkai…..


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