Kristal FM: Tunes and Trivia


We could’ve won! I just HAVE to sing! It is confirmed, I am now migrating to MALTA to become a Malteser, because apparently there is a rerun tomorrow night.

For those who missed the hoohaa and still see “Bruneian Bloggers”, namely Me, Bulimic, AnakBrunei, Rano and Danurasana in a moderately dignified light, please DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO SWITCH ON THE RADIO TOMORROW. We will be losing against the DJ’s in a game trivia and I will be destroying your eardrums with my extremely tuneless singing voice.

Horrifying and deathly sound emanating from your radio speakers? THAT WAS ME!

Car suddenly swerved to the stable? IT WAS PROBABLY ME ON THE RADIO!

Elevated heart attack rates across the Asia-Pacific region? MY FAULT!

Loss in the ability to do motor skills? I TOLD YOU NOT TO SWITCH ON THE RADIO!

Insanity and delirium? 90.7, KRISTAL FM, RERUN SOME TIME TOMORROW NIGHT.


9 thoughts on “Kristal FM: Tunes and Trivia


    I was out of the car by then, hahaha. I can’t believe you guys missed Pink. And Simply Red.

    I should try to catch it again tomorrow.

    A tit for tat kinda thing. Hahaha. ;)”

    M: Hahahaah! We did. Eh pressure bah! 😛


  2. Sounds like u guys had fun. Selamat Hari raya to you Mau.. maaf dzahir dan bathin… If I am at home, I would love to organise a bloggers open house. Insyallah .. next year.. hehe

    M: We did Pablo! 😀 Bah next year ah. Muahaha, SERBU!


  3. Lols! At the end of the day we all had fun and you have to admit it was a blast. Selamat Hari Raya to you 🙂

    M: LOL! Hi Anna! Yea, twas fun. More fun for u guys cause u won! Haha. Selamat hari raya to u guys as well and enjoy the meal at Fusion! 😀


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