It thinks it is a person

He snores too. I was already asleep when I heard the snores. Shone the light from my phone to see where it’s coming from. Haha. I can’t resist from switching on the lights and snapping a picture! Subject stayed put and slept soundly throughout!

12 thoughts on “It thinks it is a person

  1. Now Mau, that is an explicit photo, which inspire me to post one too.. haha

    Since I won the I-Pod sudah, I vote for you… sekali saja okay.. hahaa Atu pun cuz I can’t stand to see a woman crying! LOL!! And yes, I won’t vote for Rano, he has his own fan base to do that. Guarantee kalah teruk tani nanti…

    Bah, good luck on your promotional campaign.. make it a ‘clean’ one..hahaa and I agree, may the popular blogger win.. 😛

    Thank you for dropping by Maurina. Sambil-sambil atu, link exchange tarus lah 😛


  2. Eh? I tot I already linked u! Perasan. Bah karang menambah ah.

    BTW, definitely explicit. the cat is nude some more. LOL. THANKS FOR VOTING! I vote for u also eh!


  3. I VOTED! sama aku mau jua kucing bekuruh. hahaha! if it was me id be scared as hell thinking siapa lagi bekuruh di bilik ku…


  4. Awu oh, inda perasaan. Bah, thanks for voting too.. (mcm kena paksa to reciprocate saja).. hehe Thanks for the link exchange..

    And yeah, my cat snores too….. Bah, lain kali pakaikan baju ahh. Ada berjual tu di Petlink.. hehe


  5. First, I was shocked to see the sleeping (and, later found out, snoring) cat.

    Then… ada bejual baju di Petlink??

    Hehehe. Kiyut kucing mu. Bisai limpangnya, macam orang ngalih abis.


  6. aimie: u think i wasn’t?! my room is pitch black! btw, thanks aimie!!! (lagi lah ahhaha)

    Naswa: awu then bawa bejalan ke mall and simpan dalam bag. hahahahaha as if. nda tia krg dikakainya bigi mata ku

    tina: awu, ngalih kali ya banar bagas doinng absolutely nothing. 😛 hahahah. lazy fat cat.

    sha: i know!!!!!


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