Open Mic Nights at NRA Cafe

I cant believe I’ve never blogged about this place!

I want to keep this place secret so I’m not gonna say where it is, but what you guys say in the comments section is entirely up to you.

NRA actually stands for:

Never Run Away!!!


It’s a Karaoke Joint, which is by right illegal, and decorations are as seedy as can be! But I love it and no one really cares if you sound like a horse singing Celine Dion. 😀 One song is just 50 cents and you choose your song from a big ass folder.

Hehe went there many times earlier this year but sorta ran out of songs to sing so haven’t been there in a while. But when my foreign friends come to Brunei, we always drop by. You know, just to show we can have fun.

Find it if you can! 😛

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