Straight hair is a lot of work!

Most of you would know my hair is curly and can get pretty frizzy.

Before Ramadhan last year after 3 days of soaking up sea water.

Up to last year, my hair stayed pretty long for a couple of years.

Then I thought it was time for a change so one day I decided to just chop it off late last year. So now I’ve just been experimenting a bit with my hair and have had a few hairstyles over the past few months.

The bob that started it all.

Ended up pretty curly.

Longer it got, the more messier/complicated it was to style.

Till it got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I NEED to trim my hair.

Curly fringe. :S

The trim I thought would remedy the situation however, made it look pretty yucky. It had weird layers I don’t particularly care for.

Act cute pose hehe

So I removed all layers and ended up with a straight blunt cut!

I could dress up my hair in various ways. When I’m lazy, I’ll just let it go all curly of course.

This one is really low maintenance, but needs lightweight hold from mousse, which I don’t always have.

My cowlicks hehe. This just needs some hold from hairspray.

I know I know, this is a pretty frivolous post. The point is this. My current blunt cut hairstyle (with particular emphasis on my fringe) will not work, without the help of a very very very good hair iron.

Extremely good!!! I purchased this with my friend randomly from someone I don’t know (yes that helps hehe). She wanted it for her hantaran during her wedding but hers is in pink. Yes it may be weird having a hair iron as a hantaran item, but actually this iron comes in the prettiest box!

It also came with a travel hairdryer and a travel bag that can double as a mat as it’s heat resistant. So I bought it as well in purple (the only colour left). Costs about $100 which I think is quite expensive but everyone keeps on telling me is a bargain.

Anyway, its great because it’s just the right temperature. I move it down once and my hair is sleek smooth! 🙂 But the BEST thing about it is, when I forget to switch it off, it switches off automaticcally. Don’t you tell me you’ve never left your hair iron on and left for work! 😛 Happens to the best of us!

Anyway, here you go! A frivolous post for a frivolous day hehe.

8 thoughts on “Straight hair is a lot of work!

    1. It is!!! Sorry I can’t come up with details on where to get it but if u want a hair iron, get a GHD! I’m just experimental cause I’m still really sakai with my bob, LOL. I really haven’t had short hair in almost 9 years. Hehe!


  1. I bought my first GHD a couple of years back and it cost me aud$320. $100 for a GHD is very cheap. Where did you buy it from? Oh and also, be careful of fake GHDs. I saw someone selling them on FB and they cost around $100 too.


    1. I have a feeling this one is a fake GHD. LOL, otherwise why so secretive right? Plus I never can find the same model on the website. Scary! I feel like I’m living on the wild side!


  2. I actually like your hair in the very first picture! 🙂 And yep GHD is always the best bet when it comes to straighteners. Lots of people (including guys!) swear by it hehe


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