Blogging About Jam Kirong Again | The Plot Thickens

Omg I haven’t blogged in ages. I hope you’re not too sick of Jam Kirong yet. Hehehe. Cause apparently, I know someone who actually have seen/know of him personally! He said he looks very gangsta, bald and muscular. I can already imagine him working out in the prison yard, terrorizing fellow inmates and making everyone his bitches.

Anyway, so remember in the last post, Jam Kirong kidnapped Santy and he brought her to his house, which is a shared acommodation with his friend Ak Zul? Well, turns out, Ak Zul testified against him in court! Some friend.

He was like telling the court that Jam Kirong is the kind of guy who would “slam tools like spanners when he gets angry.” Apparently, they have a home garage where they both repair cars together. Repair cars kah modify cars wtf.  Then he said that the defendant likes to “control people” by influencing or compelling people to follow him by raising his voice or with his anger.

He sounds like an unpleasant person to be around. Macam pemental. Huhu. Why did Ak Zul agree to have him as a housemate? I mean I’m no Dalai Lama but inda pulang ku pernah mengampas ngampas SPANAR mun ku marah. (Ya baiklah, tedapat saja ku spanar.)

Then, Ak Zul testified that apparently, Jam Kirong actually once spoke about threatening to kill Santy. And then shortly after spoke about some metal pipe. So that sounded off the alarm bells in Ak Zul’s head to the point that he thought Jam Kirong might just go ahead with the threat.

Ak Zul was also asked on the spear (FHL I didn’t know anyone still keep spears in their houses), fold knife and “parang” (machete) that he had surrendered to the police. He claimed that the spear was made by Jam Kirong (!!!) and that he uses it to pick up rubbish at Ak Zul’s house compound. So good news is he is clean.

But Ak Zul denied that he knew if the fold knife and the parang were used by Jam Kirong to repair cars as well. I’ve never heard of anyone repairing cars using PARANG. Haha.

Ak Zul further gave evidence that he was also subjected to assault by the defendant, whereby he was slapped twice by Jam, when his eyes were red from welding. “I don’t know why he hit me,” said Ak Zul.

He further recounted that Jam threatened to assault him with a guitar after he accused Ak Zul of taking his things.

In short, Ak Zul is his bitch, FHL.

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