Jam Kirong | “My Side of The Story” & Return of The Ex-Girlfriend

Apparently last few weeks, while questioning his ex-girlfriend Santy binti Hj Sani, the court heard Jam Kirong, denying all the allegations she made that he kidnapped her. He claimed that it was Santy who had voluntarily gone with him on each occasion or that she had come to his house by herself, that he had not hit her afterwards and that he did not confine her. In short, he basically accused her of being asi asi arahnya!

Jam claimed that on one occasion, Santy had asked him to help her after she was assaulted by another boyfriend, a Gurkha soldier named Saifullah (pikirtah namanya RAM), who had also damaged her car at the Giant Supermarket Complex. WTF why one girl can be so unlucky with men? Anyway, Santy disagreed with this claim, saying that this never happened.

Who will you believe?

Earlier this week, the prosecution also called Ali bin Mustafa, remember him?  Yes, the guy from Jubillee Hotel!

Also called to the stand was Bibi who apparently is…….. also JAM’S EX GIRLFRIEND!!!!! YES, amazing turn of events. This information was not divulged in the first news report. Huhu. Why on earth is Santy hanging out with Jam’s ex in the middle of the night? Some things in the world just don’t make sense and my brainmeats will just go WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

She and Santy screamed in fear upon seeing Shahrolnizam and another man called Jack running towards their car at the back of Jubilee Hotel. (DRAMA!)

So anyway, she described the event exactly like Santy did, cause well, they were in the same car after all.

  1. Jam asked Jack to drive the car to his house in Kg Sungai Besar.
  2. When they got there, Jam told Santy to go inside the house in a stern voice.

At that point in time, Bibi said that Santy asked her for urgent help, but Jam Kirong then instructed Jack to send her home.

Yes any sane person would go and lodge a police report right? But Bibi didn’t. When asked why she did not report the matter to the police, Bibi said that she did contact a police officer, who in turn advised her to report the matter at a police station. WTH.

Bibi ended up not reporting Santy’s abduction as advised, saying that she was afraid that Jam might seek revenge against her, which I personally think is highly unlikely cause hello, he’s too busy keeping Santy in his house.

Bibi also confirmed that a few days later, a crying and frightened Santy had called her from a tailor shop next to Jam’s house asking her to pick her up as she had managed to escape. Unfortunately, when Bibi arrived at the planned meeting point, Jam was already there looking for Santy, prompting Bibi to leave as she was too afraid to help Santy.

Then, Bibi also told the court that she had previously been subjected to the same abuse and confinement by Jam, who on one occasion actually cuffed her feet  and locked her inside his room whenever he went out. WTF this guy is so kinky! Where did he get all these handcuffs and are they furry?!!!!

She managed to escape (obviously) but did not report any of the incidents to the police as she was afraid for her own safety.

Jam denied that she was ever his girlfriend and denied confining her. (Pwned!) He contended that if it was true that he had confined either her or Santy, there would have been ample opportunity for Bibi to report the matter to the police. But err, she just said she’s too scared!?

What will happen next? We all have to wait until February cause that’s when the next hearing will be held! Hehe.

All materials are taken and compiled from BT and BB. 😀

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