Travellogues | Winter in Taiwan 2011 | Day 3

Hi guys!

Yes it is almost the end of February and I haven’t even finished blogging about the 7 day Taiwan trip I went to in January. I am the worst blogger in the whole wide world bla bla bla.

But before you judge me, you know last week I went to dinner with my blogger friends, Tina, Atul, Nonnie, Ness and Dee, and all of us, supposedly bloggers took NO PHOTOS AT ALL!!! Hahah. How’s that!!!

Anyway, I will finish blogging about this amazing trip once and for all. Cause you know what, I have another trip planned in March!!! If I don’t finish this post then, well, I deserve to be punished haha.

Day 3

8. Yu-Shan National Park, Alishan

Photo By Ariffin.

Yu-Shan National Park is the main attraction of Alishan. Funny thing happened when I was literally on my way out the door: I had a stomachache and needed to go to the toilet. In the end I stayed in the hotel room and my friends went!!! Here are some of the things I missed:

Fuci Tree: Apparently they’re married. Ariffin’s photo.

I also missed the most beautiful sunrise in the world. Photo by Ariffin.

FML they even had pre-wedding photoshoot with Taiwan girls. Without me! Photo by Michelle.

And this. Photo by Ariffin. I don’t even know what this is but I missed it! They saw clouds from above!

Ya ya ya. So sad! SKIP!!!

9. Chiayi

And this photo shows how happy we were to finally get out of Alishan. Instantly can feel the temperature rising. Only 2 layers of clothing! Hahaha.

Chiayi is a relatively small city, and the gateway to Alishan. Reminds me a little of KB, the gateway to Miri.

10. Chiayi Train

Map of train to the whole of Taiwan above the train station’s bulletin board. We didn’t really go on this train, although in retrospect, I think we should’ve.

In Taiwan, people are ultra mobilised: meaning that they can go anywhere in the country easilly and in a relatively short time considering the distance and price. It’s amazing. This I believe was one of the most important reasons of why H1N1 spread so fast here.  It’s hardly a matter of hygiene or food, as the country is probably one of the cleanest I’ve ever been to. People are just so mobilised! As a comparison, lets say Brunei. If I want to go from Kampung Sungai Belukut to KB, there is probably very little I can do if I do not own a car. But if we’re anything like Taiwan, I can probably go by train (normal, and bullet), by water, by taxi, by bus, by rickshaw, by helicopter, anything, all for less than $30!!!

11. Chiayi HSR Station

We are south bound, and will stop in Zuoying, the station for Kaohsiung.

Bullet train!!!!!! Last time I went on a bullet train was in japan. Except in Taiwan they call HSR, not bullet train. Aiya. Semantics.

Tourists camwhoring session. Taiwan’s bullet train is definitely more comfortable than Japan’s one, cause it’s relatively newer. Hehe. Taiwan one has more modern seats and such. The ride took only 30 minutes.

12. Zuo Ying HSR Station

This is the very modern looking HSR station for Kaohsiung. After that must take the MRT red line to the city. Check out it says KISS AND RIDE. Sounds like something that happens in front of Brunei Hotel. Hehehe.

13. Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung is my favorite city in the whole of Taiwan. People here do things notably slower than in Taipei, and they are just so friendly! It’s also not so cold and absolutely lovely. Pretty much everything is there, for cheap!

14. Cozy Planet Hostel

This is the cute hostel we stayed in when we were in Kaohsiung. And let me tell u that it was sooooooooo comfortable that we almost didn’t want to leave!

Room was actually for 6 people but we had it all to ourselves. I chose the top bunk! Funny thing happened. Before I went to bed, I wore a pair of eye patches that looked like orange slices supposedly to rejuvenate myself from the long long day. I fell asleep before taking them off (because the bed was so so so comfortable!!!). Sekali, in the morning, Gzul, who took the bottom bunk, actually woke up with my eye patch on his forehead!!!!! WAHAHAHAAHAHAH. Rupanya it fell down in the middle of the night and made it’s way to his face LOL LOL LOL. We laughed like what in the morning. That was so funny!!!

Cozy Planet Hostel had these funny laminated signage all over the hostel:

They had a nice pantry:

A nice computer for public use:

Even a wine tasting corner haha:

But! I was really impressed that the guys at the Hostel knew that most Bruneians were Muslim. They were like, “Oh um, you are from Brunei right?” and  Michelle and I went, “Yup” and he went “Oh so that means you’re Muslims right? I cannot offer you some wine”. Hehe it’s quite rare to find people who actually know where Brunei is, let alone know that the people there are Muslims who do not drink alcohol.

Love this cosy cosy TV area/common room:

And next to it is the dining area. That’s Caleb, who has the best English in the whole of Taiwan haha:

Here are the rules for staying in CPH:

Annnnd here is the postbox! You can send postcards and stuff there!

15. Dream Mall

The Dream Mall is actually the largest shopping mall in Taiwan and East Asia. It was pretty huge, but rather quiet, unlike most malls I’ve been to. Hehe.

We shopped around a bit, found a Muji and a Tumi. LOL.

And had dinner there too! In a cute little restaurant called “Magical Open Kitchen”. Hahaha.

This is the chef of the restaurant:

And this is the waitress (I look really stupid with no makeup and dark eyebags)

16. Eye of Kaohsiung

On top of the Dream Mall is the famous Kaohsiung Eye Ferris Wheel, which we did not go on. Hehe.

17. Liuhe Night Market

Candied strawberries!!! So delicious and when Michelle and I were eating this, Ariffin thought we were munching on tongking ayam. haha.

Photo by Michelle: Old people playing Bingo. I wanna play but cannot understand Chinese haha.

Dogs on clothes!

Anyway shopping wasn’t really too awesome for me in Taiwan in general. You know why? CAUSE IT’S WINTER and everything sold cannot be worn in Brunei without looking like an idiot who lives in a freezer. Haha. So mostly I am just browsing for leggings and looking at random foods.

WAH SO TIRED CANNOT BLOG ANYMORE. Can’t believe this is all happening in 1 day. Bah, abrupt end! Will continue next time!

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