Travellogues | Winter in Taiwan 2011 | Day 4-7

Day 4 was sooooo fun!!! We were still in Kaohsiung of course and due to the awesome weather (sunny but windy and cold), I was feeling so rejuvenated!!! The air in Kaohsiung was really clean, and even the city was amazingly spotless. I mean, Taiwan is clean in general, but Kaohsiung takes it to another level!

Day 4

18. Central Park

Near our hostel is a lovely park called, well, the Central Park. It’s near an MRT Station, which is aptly named Central Park MRT Station. I wish we have a cute little park like this in Brunei. Hmm technically we do: Jerudong Park.

There are many people like this muscular and middle aged man above, exercising, practicing their martial arts, or just simply walking. I am always pretty fascinated by open areas such as this. I find that it is the best way to acclimatize with the locals, and see what they’re really like, beyond their known stereotypes.

19. Love  River

The Love River is an impressive environmental turnaround, as I call it. It was once so heavilly polluted that the water was black and smells like tayi. But when we were there, it was an amazingly clean river. It gives great hope for our own thrash infested waters.

We decided to take the Love River cruise, just to enjoy and see the sights. Starting from this Merlion!


Saw this car being towed away while buying the tickets. Hehe. No parking zone!

Yeay finally on the boat! Here I am with Ariffin who constantly wears his hoodie to cover his cold ears haha! Check out the jade green river in the background.

This is the second an I believe, the last temple I saw the whole time I was in Taiwan. So either they’re not very religious or they usually worship in the privacy of their home.

Mini San Francisco bridge!

Ashes in an urn. Someone’s loved one.

Photo by Ariffin. Perhaps lost in translation but apparently this is a penguin. Hehe. Lots of them under the bridge.

20. Love Bridge

After a while we finally arrived at the Love Bridge!

Which reminds me a bit of the Singapore waterfront, nearby the Merlion.

We found Lassie too!

Goofed around here cause it was absolutely nice and windy! That is, before we realised, we don’t really know where to go. Haha!!!

While waiting for friends to return from the toilet, I discovered my first ever white hair. Wah! I’m old already.

To be continued….

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