KNK Adventures: Empangan Air Jubli Perak Benutan

Waiting for Boipren to pick me up for shopping. Thought I’d squeeze in a blogpost on my latest KNK Adventure in Empangan Air Jubli Perak Benutan!

Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t really know where Benutan is. And well, I don’t blame you. It’s pretty far away from everything as it’s in the Ulu Tutong area. I was not that sure where it was either until one day, a durian search lead the Hammovan to Benutan.

It’s pretty big!

In fact, it’s the biggest dam in the whole of Brunei! Though that doesn’t really mean anything, not that we have a million dams anyway (we have 3). But this dam, though does not supply water, is still pretty significant as it regulates Sungai Tutong. My dad says this dam flushes sea water out, in case it ever got in to Sungai Tutong (apparent it has a million years ago and that triggered the construction of this dam). And if Sungai Tutong dries up more than it should the water from Benutan Dam will also be released. I’m not sure how often this happens.

To learn more of Brunei Dams, read this post by Mr Roxanne.

When we were there, some men in orange coveralls were there, doing some survey work.

Starved for human interaction as you can see. 🙂

There was also a family enjoying a picnic there, probably people from around the area. Fun!

Hehe that’s all! Till the next KNK adventure! ❤

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