October – December 2011

1. Halloween Night

So freaking hard to figure out what to wear cause everything just ends up looking SLUTTY! (Trying not to blame everything on the fact that I’m fat haha) I ended up being a Viking Princess. Bought the head thing last minute with my colleagues, over a giggling fit.

2. First Ever Girly Bloggers Garage Sale

Funnnnnn!!! Did it in Tina‘s garage in Rimba Hill. Super fun day and was super hot. I gave out free food fresh from the airfyer hahaha. Of course as expected, we are the ones doing most of the eating, not customers. 😛

After that we went to Blitz (at the time the only froyo place in Brunei) for a surprise birthday party for Atul!!!

Tadaaaah. Of course, we had to use two cars, and Atul went in 1 car with Dee, and me with Tina and Nonnie. We stopped by to get the cake, a lighter, and fuel (for my car!). LOL it took a while!!! Until even Atul said, “Jadi kah tani ani makan froyo?!”. Hahahaha. Dee had to stall.  Then we arrived and yeayyyy surpriseeeee!!! Laughed a lot as usual.

3. Nonnie’s Surprise Birthday Party!

The next time we met was not long after the Garage Sale. Bobby invited us all through Facebook for Nonnie’s Surprise Party. He forgot to invite someone though. LOL


4. Miri Road Trip

Went to Miri with Boipren! Was pretty uneventful except for a super long queue at the border. But as usual we’re pretty good at entertaining our selves haha. Then when we were on the way home, the weather got pretty “interesting”. Saw it change from pleasant to… angry!

5. Karaoke Birthday Party

Went to a fancy schmancy karaoke party!

Had a great laugh cause well, it’s not a karaoke party until someone insists on hogging the mic! Hehe

6. Cyprus

A year ago, this hungry person went to Cyprus, which is so far away I don’t know if I’ll ever set foot there. So I said, get me a little something from there! He did! But I only received this one year later. LOL. Cyprus is on my “must travel” list. Not that I know how to get there. Will think about it when I’m not so…. starved for money.

7. 38th SSEAYP 2011 berthed in Brunei!

Of course I was involved! LOL. Was an LO again this year which was great. Met JPY08s Midori and Shimmy who were Admin11! Anyway, seeing Fuji Maru just reminds me of how much I miss Nippon Maru. It really is not the same feeling when you’re on a different ship.

Was also Rapporteur for COP Meeting in which Brunei is hosting this year. But I don’t think I contributed that much. Was an extremely bad idea to agree to both events!

But I did have tonnes of fun at the very short Reunion On Board 2011!

(See what I mean about getting a lot of mileage from the Viking hat?)

Everyone looked pretty! But the next day, it was a major crying session!!!

So much tears I think would explain why the sea is so salty! 😛 Let me just bring up that most of the biggest criers in SSEAYP are the BOYS!!!!

8. SSEAYP Rehab 2011

After such intense country programme, as usual, we were all wailing and crazy due to SSEAYP Sickness. And the 38th Batch, has finally come home and suffering the most from this.

Unfortunately most people outside of SSEAYP will not be able to relate to this. I really can’t explain the feeling. But the closest would be the feeling u get after breaking up with a loved one. It’s pretty bad that everytime SSEAYP concludes programme, we usually conduct a Rehab Camp.


9. INDIA ❤

Yes I went back to India! (But this deserves proper travellogue-style post!!!!!) Will blog about it soon! But if you check out the Spiritual Garden, she’s more hardworking than me!

10. Baby Naqeeb

Yeay new baby! More nephews for me! ❤

11. Suckmed End Of Year Gifts Of Love (rebranding Secret Santa).

Yes by the power vested in RanoAdidas, MauReebok, PumaGoodEgg, AnakBillabong, Senor KaPPablo and Geek in White Speedo we’re rebranding Secret Santa to a non-religious time sensitive and non-traditional activity! Yeay!

Everyone gets a present and hehehehehehehheh!!!!!!!! I love my gift!!!!!!!!!!! Dunno if Rano likes his!!!!

12. I Love Durian Time!

I discovered a new durian, Durian Sukang, which has the creamiest most delicious flavour in the world of durian putih.  Haha. This is us buying a whole stall.

13. TV Show Update

I’m also please to add the following shows to the shows I’m already tracking:

  • Hart of Dixie
  • Two Broke Girls
  • Pan Am
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Grimm

Ok thats all. Haha. Bye! Have a lunch session with suckmeds!


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