How to Travel to a Beach Paradise with Your Bestfriends Under BND500

Every year I look forward to a getaway with my best friends. It is usually a whirlwind holiday, filled with our incessant laughter terrorizing small, quiet paradises and its inhabitants.

This year we decided on going back to our favorite country (Philippines), smack dab in the middle of typhoon season, and visit the much hyped Palawan Islands!

Read on to check out our itinerary!

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In the Movies: The Nun

It’s a big week for me and my horror obsession 😂 – two nights in a row at the cinema!

Two different cinemas, two different movies and this time it’s a much awaited sequel from The Conjuring universe, The Nun!

I don’t know why I like to torture myself.

So if you wanna read my opinion and review of The Nun, see below – as usual SPOILERS AHEAD!

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In the Movies: Munafik 2

You know I love horror movies and of course I must watch the sequel to Munafik!

Syamsul Yusof made a name for himself with Khurafat, a movie that in my opinion really turned around the Malaysian movie industry.

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