In the Movies: The Nun

It’s a big week for me and my horror obsession πŸ˜‚ – two nights in a row at the cinema!

Two different cinemas, two different movies and this time it’s a much awaited sequel from The Conjuring universe, The Nun!

I don’t know why I like to torture myself.

So if you wanna read my opinion and review of The Nun, see below – as usual SPOILERS AHEAD!

I love the Conjuring movies and the beauty of them you can’t really watch one without watching the rest. It’s addictive, weirdly familiar and unsettlingly relatable.

In The Nun, the story centers around a beautiful and cold Romanian castle turned abbey. We get introduced to Frenchy, Sister Irene and Father Burke.

However I find it the weakest movie in the Conjuring universe.

Let me just talk about Father Burke. After the apparent suicide of a nun in the Romanian abbey, the Vatican sent Father Burke to check out the place to determine if it is still holy or not.

THE VATICAN SENT HIM! Ibarat imam handalan bah tu kan.

Tapi wajib di bawa Sister Irene ani who is not a full fledged nun yet and believes in dinosaurs, sagainya apa? I dunno πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ but it turns out she has superpowers and can detect which grave u are buried in if you are buried alive.

Who’s buried alive? Yes Father Burke. Pasal iya palui. In the whole movie he keeps on walking into traps, and for someone who has seen his fair share of supernatural he sure acts like an amateur. Seriously u watch it.

Dan btw ahirnya while iya pengsan ampai ampai (pasal iya kana balangkan oleh si Valak) Sister Irene kills Valak by spitting on his face using the blood of Jesus Christ. DAN jua he got stabbed with a cross. And in some sections of the movie he spent reading books. EH BANCIKU INDA STEADY BAH.

Menangis ku if I am the Vatican. πŸ˜‚

Hahahaha I suppose I am also quite annoyed by his wishy washy character and his penchant for splitting up from the group at the first sign of trouble.

Sister Irene on the other hand – started out as a demure but progressive nun to be, sweet and innocent. But in the end became the heroine who saved the day! She is super brave, and threw herself in the work including wearing an all white outfit to a muddy hall. πŸ˜…

Otherwise The Nun features standard issue scare tactics and ends up quite predictable but we still don’t know why Valak decides to unload wrath among humans on earth. What exactly does it want?

Extra marks for the Abess, mcm guru besar of the Abbey, who never showed her face tapi suara garang macam cigu maths.

Some notable scenes in the chapel when the nuns were wiped away like ants.

You can wait for this movie on HBO.

6/10 for me. Many scare scenes and beautiful cinematography, great casting but ends up too predictable with a weak plot. Special marks for Sister Irene.

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