How to Travel to a Beach Paradise with Your Bestfriends Under BND500

Every year I look forward to a getaway with my best friends. It is usually a whirlwind holiday, filled with our incessant laughter terrorizing small, quiet paradises and its inhabitants.

This year we decided on going back to our favorite country (Philippines), smack dab in the middle of typhoon season, and visit the much hyped Palawan Islands!

Read on to check out our itinerary!


Day 1

  • Arrive in Puerto Princesa via Manila
  • Spend day at the hotel spa – scrub, mask, massage, the works!
  • Dinner at SM Mall

Day 2

  • Join a Puerto Princesa Underground River tour
  • Filipino Dinner at Kalui Seafood Restaurant

Day 3

  • Join a Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour
  • Buy souvenirs at souvenir shop recommended by tricycle driver
  • Dinner at the Baywalk

Day 4

  • Leave Puerto Princesa by plane

    Budget is something that you can scale up or down according to your preference.

    For us, we stayed at a mid range beachfront resort, minimum activities, spent a lot of time monging and enjoyed each other’s company. You may want to do more sightseeing and less bermalas-malas like us so do adjust accordingly.

    Here is our budget for this trip:

    Total: BND488

    Activities & Tours

    Since we booked at the hotel, these prices are slightly higher but I’m sure you can book directly at the agencies for a cheaper price:

  • Both the above comes with a buffet lunch but if you are particular with food, you might want to bring backup food just in case. Also always remember to inform upon booking any dietary restrictions you have (in our case halal).

    Hope this will spur you and your girlfriends to do a trip together!

    I promise it is fun no matter where you go but might as well go somewhere awesome!

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