Travellogues: Itinerary for a Trip to Japan

This time last year, I remember praying everyday that I get to see sakura in Japan. LOL. With sakura season coming again, I thought I’d take a break from my Morocco posts to talk about one of my favouritest destinations in the world – JAPAN!!

Kyoto Botanical Gardens on the tail end of its sakura season… still beautiful and so enjoyable still!

Japan is one of those countries where, you just wanna go everywhere and visit EVERYTHING. SEMUA kan di aga – so confusing and rambang mata. But I love everything about this country and wish I can go there more often – and in fact this sakura trip is my 4th time there!

Nagoya’s Osu Kannon – sebalahnya shopping district sekian

I realise the key to enjoy Japan is:

  • Don’t pack too many activities in one day.
  • Wake up early! Japan is also a country of early risers, so join them and start your day early.
  • Allocate some days to experience their groceries – maybe for breakfast! Stuff like – butter made from Hokkaido milk, their yummy eggs, strawberries, plums, so much more!!!
The big ass Gundam statue at Odaiba!
  • Immerse yourself in their habit of making things easy for other people – whether it’s carrying your thrash in your bag 20km before you see the next tongsampah, or simply cleaning up your tray after you eat at McDonald’s.
  • Join them in their peace signs, selfies, and cutesy clothing! It’s the only place u can do haha.
  • Learn the language! Don’t worry about speaking broken Japanese!
Participating in the hand washing ceremony at Fushimi Inari ❤ Even Japanese traditions involves hygiene lol

During our trip, we went to follow the JR Pass route to hunt down the beautiful sakura: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya. For those who are wondering, a JR Pass is like a ticket for the whole of Japan – it enables u to travel on the Shinkansen (bullet trains), or go on the Hiroshima-Miyajima Ferry, most subway lines.

Toyota Automobile Station in Nagoya – a wonderful place to gawk at antique cars! Highly recommend for car lovers!

Need inspiration on creating your itinerary? Check out our itinerary below!

Day 110:00pm Arrive in Haneda International Airport*^ via ANA
Off to Beagle Tokyo Hostel – in Otorii area near airport to stay the night
Check in and rest#

* In hindsight this is an awful airport hahaha.
Soooooo crowded especially this time of the year.
Try and opt for Narita International Airport.
^ Upon baggage claim, we picked up our Mifi as well – the 5 of us
shared 2 Mifi devices between us to save cost

# FYI most hostels in Tokyo only allow check in till 10pm –
please take note if you are arriving late at night to always check 

the timings (also they are very strict – they won’t let u check in
even 1 minit selapas 10pm)
Day 2After breakfast and check out, take train back to nearest JR Office
in Haneda International Airport to activate our JR Pass and
reserve seats for our trip to Kyoto.
Board train at Shinagawa Train Station and catch the Tokaido
Line going towards Shin-Osaka (Bullet Train) – Get off at Kyoto
Train Station
Find way to Guest House Kete & check in
Sightseeing and exploring – walk all the way to XXXXX Kyoto
Train Station
Dinner at Ayam-Ya Ramen (Halal)*

*So apparently Ayam-Ya has closed down omg! Sayang! The ramen
nyamannnnn. Bah siasiapun saja kamu

Day 3Take train to Fushimi Inari Shrine
Explore the area near Fushimi Inari & eat a lot of streetfood
from the streets sana – NYAMAN!
Explore Gion
Wagyu Dinner (Halal) at Naritaya*

*Nyaman berabis di dunia – btw this Japan trip is a bit of a foodie
trip cause ada si
Marul – kan makan saja kami! And wajib ada
makanan in the itinerary.
Day 4 Check out from Guest House Kete
Visit the Kyoto Botanical Gardens for sakura!!!!!
Pick up bags from Guest House Kete and catch shinkansen
to Nagoya (Tokaido Line)
In Nagoya, check in Hotel Abest Osu Kannon (the only hotel we 
stayed in on this trip – highly recommend cause of the location)
Dinner at Maruya for Hitsumabushi* (See other recommended
restaurants here)

*Hitsumabushi is a specialty of Nagoya. Nyaman berabis – eh
semua jua nyaman!
Day 5Take train to Fujigaoka to visit the Toyota Automobile Museum
Back in Osu Kannon, explore the Osu Shopping District
Day 6Check out from Hotel Abest Osu Kannon
Take Shinkansen back to Tokyo (Tokaido Line) to Tokyo Station
Make way to Setagaya-ku* Station
Check in our Airbnb**

*FYI Setagaya-ku is the birthplace of Ultraman!
**Ever since our visit, Japanese Government has made it tough for
Airbnb owners to host. Read more here. It’s a shame because we
love our apartment – they even provide basikal for jalan-jalan and
a Mifi! Sayang! They have now removed their listing.
Day 7Take Chuo Line – Super Azusa – Kaiji Line to Otsuki for
Shibazakura Festival in base of Mt Fuji
Spend day there
Dinner in Gyoen Ramen Ouka (Halal)

*Jauh! Just spend whole day sana and enjoy! BTW when we
were there, aiiiii hujan and sajuk berabis di dunia. Frust!
But still siuk pasal kami ketawa ketawa.
Day 8Explore the Tsukiji Outer Market (Makan whole day)
Visit and explore Shibuya (Hachiko Statue)
Also take pics at the famous Shibuya Crossing
Day 9Visit and explore (and shop) Harajuku & then Omotesando
Explore Odaiba – a man made island in Tokyo Bay!
Check out from Airbnb
Depart to Kuala Lumpur

BTW we only specifically did sakura viewing in Kyoto. Pasal apa nah, everywhere else, sakura is literally on side of roads!!! Hehehehe… Also, for this trip, we didn’t really go all touristy visiting palaces and shrines – only because it’s my 4th time there and I wanted to focus more on sakura and things I’ve never done/seen.

At the iconic Tokyo Station, when all your phone apps start to make no sense, that’s when you know you are in Tokyo. Take out the old school paper maps and explore the old fashioned way.

Something about planning a trip to Japan, when planning, we have to take into account journey time, and since we’re Bruneians, when the guide says 5 minute walk that usually means 10 minute walk.

Famous famous Shibuya Crossing!

We also need to leave some time to be baffled and confused by signages and whether we’re on the local or express or semi express trains, and most importantly- leave sometime to singgah kadai (especially drugstores) and of course take photos!

Tapi most important of all, EAT A LOT!!!!!

Hope this helps!

If you are wondering, this trip costs me under BND1800. Find out how here.

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