What to Eat in Kuala Lumpur (2019 Edition)

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is definitely a popular destination for Bruneians, including myself. But aside from the obligatory shopping, I am always at a loss of what to do and where to go in KL.

This trip, I asked for recommendations from fellow Bruneians. I asked on my IG Stories and only went to these recommended places. I really enjoyed that! I wish I had time to try ALL!

Here are the ones I managed to go to:

01: 4Fingers

I’ve tried 4Fingers for the first time in Singapore few years back. I thought it was nyaman.

We ordered 18 pcs chicken wings (mixed flavours) to share, and had it with fries. Tapinya this round I thought it was quite masin. Crispy and juicy pulang the chicken – but at the end of the meal kapisan karing leher.

Verdict: Not recommended.

02: Beard Brothers BBQ, Tropicana

Jauh sikit from KL but wow, meat coma! Menu is focused (inda banyak) – Beard Brothers specialised in smoked meats.

And because me ani nafsu di mata, of course wajib jua we buy the biggest platter!

Behemoth Platter – RM350
All these meats with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, dinner rolls, and cornbread – and dessert

Kanyang!!!!! But so so good! Mashed potatoes nya pun nyaman. And all the meats go sooo well with the sauces (dihidang di meja but I forgot to gambar)

Verdict: Highly recommend!

03: Durian SS2, Petaling Jaya

A must for durian lovers. So cheap and so many varieties of durian available. Kiamat baru abis ni dan ramai berabis manusia di Durian SS2 ani but banyak lagi seats. Muat seBrunei.

Who’s gonna eat all this durian? RAMAI BERABIS MANUSIA – yet somehow they manage to seat and feed everyone!

Verdict: Recommended

04: N97 Bangsar

This restaurant got some celebrity fame somewhat because it is affiliated with Malaysian sweetheart Nora Danish’s husband Nedim, but the star of the show in N97 is their Tomahawk!

Kononnya tomahawk kami ani “small”

If you are travelling in 4, it’s the perfect reason to splurge a bit and enjoy the tomahawk! For the price of RM800 you get to enjoy the tomahawk steak, perfectly done, a bunch of sides, and a spicy fried rice from the trimmings. Yes it’s a bit expensive, but we were on holiday and siuk lah bersukaria and kana masakkan benda ani. However, I must warn u that even their smallest tomahawk is kinda big soooooo, my advice is actually jangantah order benda lain HAHAAHAHA.

Kalau nda abis boleh pulang tapau.

Verdict: Recommended tapi mahal sikit

05: Nasi Lemak Wanjo, Kampung Baru

“What did they put in their sambal?” – this was on my friend’s IG post after he ate Nasi Lemak Wanjo for the first time. So that was enough to pique my interest then and when someone recommended NLW – I jumped at the chance!


Story time: actually NLW is related with Nasi Lemak Anatarabangsa and Kampung baru is a massive foodie heaven. Malam malam ada night market and here since most of the inhabitants are malay, the food is super Melayu! Bah makan tah sana kepada yang balum, abarnya ada beratus food outlets in Kampung Baru alone.

Verdict: Highly recommended

06: Positano, Publika

So when we arrived and found out Kenny Hill Bistro was closed permanently, I had to google for nearby restaurants and Positano Risto was on the top of the list.

Cause hungry, we just went for it.

Much to our luck, Positano Risto turned out to be a lovely halal Italian restaurant founded by a travelling Malaysian couple who went to Positano, Italy and fell super in love with Italy and the food there.

When we were there so many birthdays. Hehe. Food’s good, service good and lovely ambience.

Verdict: Recommended if you are in Publika

07: Mum’s Place, Damansara Perdana

Let it be known that I don’t really eat spicy.

Let it also be known that the spiciest food I’ve ever eaten is at Mum’s Place.

Ya allah, Cencaru Sambal Petai Portuguese Style ani macam padas berabis di dunia. This was also my first time eating cencaru – which is like a type of mackerel – and reminds me of ikan temanong as we call it here in Brunei.

Let it be known kami habiskan semua ani tanpa terkecuali.

Verdict: Recommended for people who LOVE spicy food

08: Llaollao

Llaollao is a froyo francaise from Spain. It’s really like any other froyo outlet -yummy froyo with toppings and sauces.

But hey, I was specifically recommended this:

Petitllao with Caramel Biscuit Sauce and nothing else.

I had a taste – then I am a believer.

Verdict: Highly recommended

09: Tapak Urban Street Dining, Jalan Ampang

Unlike di Brunei yang payah berabis kan tedapat foodtruck and even more payah kan park foodtruck, in KL they actually have a foodtruck park (ok banarnya semua negara sudah tedapat ni and org Brunei pun selalu menaga di negara lain – tapi sudah di Brunei payah tia kenapa kan tu). Nah melarat.

Located in the heart of KL, and super easy to get to, Tapak is such a winner!

Anyway, here if you are like me, u gotta bring a lot of cash – pasal semua kan di bali. Rangka.

Seats are also provided – plus hip ambience. Tapi yang inda siuk banyak peminta sedekah – though inda dorang memajal pulang.

Verdict: Highly recommended

10: Merchant’s Lane, Chinatown (Jalan Petaling)

Dining at Merchant’s Lane is an experience. When we arrived, the door was so unassuming. Just a little blue green door, with a vintage sign on top.

But inside, so awesome!

Basar dan abar dulu bagas BROTHEL. Sarang pelacuran hahaha. After diberi nafas baru jadi lawa jua dan beselera kami makan sini!

And taukah the food even awesomer!

Semua nyaman tapi yang wajib dimakan adalah yg bernama Kaifen.

Desserts and cakes nya nyaman jua!!!

Verdict: Highly, HIGHLY recommended

11: Luk Yu Teahouse, Starhill

Not recommended to me during this trip, but a trip a couple of years ago. I was in Starhill to do my hair and posted it up on my Instagram, then someone said – go to Luk Yu Teahouse for KL’s best halal dimsum!

Ai nyaman! Kalau kemari jangan tah ingau order tah saja apa apa semua nyaman! Timun nya pun nyaman. HAHA.

Verdict: Highly recommended

12: Fatty Crab, Taman Megah

Another place recommended and I’ve been before sudah – Fatty Crab is a seafood place with a small menu and I think has been around for a while. The crabs are weighed pakai kati. I don’t even know berapa 1 kati is hahah.

Best eaten with mantou buns, which are house made.

But the unsung hero of Fatty Crab is the fried rice. Ai nyaman. Boleh order banyak banyak pasal nyaman and I’m not even a big fan of fried rice.

Verdict: Recommended

13: William’s Corner

Wow I’m so surprised someone actually recommended William’s Corner!!!

I’ve been to William’s Corner a few times, but of course with my friends who are locals otherwise I wouldn’t even know how to find this place hahaa

Anyway, WC’s is actually macam gerai gerai and u dine alfresco di luar. Actually bida tempat atu sebenarnya haha tapi the menu is really unique and special.

Most times we order the Mee Raja with lots of seafood!

And nasi goreng nya.

The drinks adalah basar!

Dan dessert pun ada.

Dan tempat ani murah.

Verdict: Recommended tapi make sure u book Grab to go home awal awal pasal the place is a bit jauh lol.

14: KGB

KGB stands for Killer Gourmet Burgers dan dorang pesen nya makai big, fat housemade patties. Kalau masa craving burger, this will most definitely hit the spot!

Verdict: Recommended (mesti sama sweet potato fries)



12: Kenny Hill Bistro

We were so excited to go to Kenny Hill Bistro – especially since EVERYONE was talking about their Duck Rice yang nyaman gila and omg i LOVE duck rice.

Sadly, it’s permanently closed. Sigh!

Malas ku ah!


I will revisit this list when I go KL next. Also, yg starred atu adalah yg paling ramai orang recommended.

  • Pulp by Papa Paletha*
  • Breakfast Thieves
  • Tapas at Fuego by Troika*
  • Laduree
  • Nasi Lemak Kak Tina at Kompleks Muhibbah
  • Taman Nirwana/Taman Muhibah Nirwana, Ampang
  • Myburgerlab
  • Inside Scoop
  • Nasi Lemak Village Park ******* (Wajib diaga kali ni next time)
  • Lisettes
  • Beef Ribs Steak Panggang at Isabel*
  • Rubberduck
  • BLVD House
  • Gindaco Takoyaki
  • Tony Roma’s
  • Absolute Thai Hotpot
  • 3 Budak Gemok
  • Ana Patinhouse***
  • Romah Terlajak Laris
  • Fluff Bakery
  • Chili’s
  • DeWan by Chef Wan*
  • Nirwana Banana Leaf, Bangsar
  • Flipp, Ampang
  • Cheese Naan at a mamak place near Sogo, KL
  • Vacas Meat
  • Super Saigon
  • Jjinja Chicken
  • Copper
  • Kyochon
  • Feeka Coffee Roasters, Jalan Mesui
  • Menate Steak Hub, Setapak
  • Waroeng Isabella, Rasta TTDI
  • Cheesecake from Tokyo Restaurant, Lot 10

Are you guys regulars in KL? Kalau balum ke KL tah jah, apa jua ticket pakai RB murah – boleh mengangkut 30 kg nahhhh abis jua usin tu. Anyway, let me know if an outlet u love belongs on this list!

3 thoughts on “What to Eat in Kuala Lumpur (2019 Edition)

  1. Suggesting u Nasi Ayam Chee Meng, one of the busiest Nasi Ayam Merchant. We love the kuah cili for the nasi ayam the most!


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