#TripofWonders: Day 3 still in Makassar 

Makassar really is quite chill. Somehow I expected it to be more busy. 

Today’s itinerary is snorkeling! 

Hanging out at the lobby while waiting for the bus. Promising day. So hot haha.

No makeup me!

We’re here! Short walk to the pier and u can see many many locals just hanging out.

Hop on!

Bye! A boat is taking us to our first destination- Kodingareng Keke.

See u later Makassar! 
I’m gonna drive.

Serius haha.


Kodingareng Keke is a small island or rather a sand bar, surrounded with coral and crystal clear blue waters. 

Spent some time there snorkeling and swimming.

Plenty of coral, and plenty of fishies. The underwater visibility was fabulous!

Pity I didn’t have an underwater camera.

Then fun had to halt and we went back on the boat to go to another island: Sama Lona. 

Really love the names of places here. Hehehe.

On Sama Lona, there are local inhabitants and a small village. 

One of the inhabitants were kind enough to make us a homemade lunch. This is how they earn money, by extending their kindness to tourists, local and foreign. 

We had a fabulous lunch of Squid in Squid Ink, Corn and Onion Fritters, Fried Shrimp, Grilled Fresh Fish, Sayur Asem and of course Sambal.

All washed down by fresh coconut. 

Oh this meal was real nice. 

After that I just sat in a hut, just observing the locals. They have a humble life, no running water, electricity from a gen set, and the surrounded completely by the sea but they are happy and somehow they do manage.🙂

After, went back to the boat and I slept the whole way on the tip of the boat. Haha. I was completely zen.

Back at the hotel, we’re scrubbed a dub dub, and walah, the makeup is back on and I’m ready for next agenda! Yay! 

Back on the bus.

Next location is Pantai Losari.

Family oriented fun. Orang tua tua here suka jalan jalan. So many babu babu here bedating etc.

After sunset, walked to our dinner place.

Panya jauh haha.

Finally arrived at Ayam Goreng Sulwesi – which turns out to be nearby our hotel haha. We literally passed it by haha. 

Then mamam!

Interesting chicken. Very flavourful and I love the sambal here. 

Then balik! 😂

#TripofWonders Day 2 & 3 in Makassar

Today is one of those hard core days where we start incredibly early.

By 545am we were already in the lobby, and set to go off to the Airport.


Breakfast bento was served before we came on the bus.

Boarding the plane.

Oh first time on Garuda! :) 

Marcell was also on board. Totally didn’t realise cause aku sibuk when he came in mencari my Sleeping Balm yang gugur di lantai!!! 😒

So anyway arrived in Makassar and went straight on the bus.

Off the plane, can see already the difference between Jakarta and Makassar. It’s definitely more green, more suburban, less tall buildings, more mosques. 

Anyway, our first destination in Makassar is the Bantimurung Waterfall.

This huuuuuge monkey greets u upon entry. 

It’s a family fun sort of picnic location and boy, ramai! So many local tourists and probably only a handful of orang putih.

The name Bantimurung means “loud water” according to the guide, referring to the waterfall. 

(BTW it’s 6am- forgive my lacklustre reporting)

Anyway, aside from the waterfall u can climb up some stairs, and trek on a path following the river for about 5 minutes to see some fabulous stone caves.

A lagoon greets u once u arrive near the mouth of the cave.

Interesting and not at all claustrophobic probably due to the high ceilings. Stalactites and stalagmites glimmer in the glare of our torchlights.

At about this moment i sort of wish I have a nicer camera. #menyasalndabalibaru

Anyway they say a man used to meditate here 40 days without food. Its quiet, cool and very calm in the cave.

After that we had a picnic, bento style and hung out in the little huts provided.

Then off to go and check into our hotel, the Aston Makassar.

Dinner was at 7 so there’s some time for relaxing.

By 7pm I was so hungers and we were treated to a seafood dinner nearby at Rumah Makan Bahari. Yums!

So yum!

After dinner, it was still early so we went tomcheck out the biggest mall in Makassar, Trans Studio.

I konon wanted to buy a camera but bought tapioca instead. 😒

Yummy though.

Ok looking forward to Day 3! We will be going snorkeling!

#tripofwonders Day 1: CGK, and plenty of Rest

Holiday is on!!!!

How awesome is it that I’m traveling to Indonesia on my favourite airline ever ROYAL BRUNEI! 😍

Look! FRIENDS as the in flight entertainment! Marul and me exchanged looks of glee when the theme song came on 😂 Many laugh outloud moments on board perfect to set the tone for this trip.  

Checked into our hotel, the Swiss Bel CGK, very very near the airport, as we have a very early flight tomorrow. 

What am I doing here? I am so stoked because I am here together with other social influencers from hosted by Tourism Indonesia for a fabulous trip of wonders! 

We will be travelling to:

  • Makassar
  • Lombok
  • Banyuwangi
  • Bandung

Can’t wait to blog all about it. These locations all have adventure themed, very very different to the kind of travel I am more accustomed to but I am most confident it will be lots and lots of fun! 

Tonight is the welcome dinner and will meet plenty of international bloggers🙂 wee! 

Stay tuned. In the mean time- check out some Jakarta sights I saw from the car on the way here. Hee. 

More updates on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (all @maurina) – Also, make sure u subscribe to my Youtube channel:  click here.

Will definitely upload videos! 

Recipe: Pizza Dough! 

I’ve just realised how easy it is to make my own homemade pizza. 😋😋

Happy Monday! Psyched to go back to work after a 6 day weekend (!!!). I’m definitely mentally ready thougha little bit sleepy hahaa. I foresee some jetlag happening for first few days 😂😂

Here is the pizza dough recipe I’ve adapted from fee recipes I saw online. Basically, it is a no knead recipe….if you have a Kenwood Chef mixer 😂😂.


  • 1 kg bread flour
  • 2 packets of instant yeast (I use Mauri-pan brand teehee #macammyname)
  • 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 650ml lukewarm water


  1. Pour all the flour in a large container and create a well in the middle.
  2. Put all dry ingredients and the oil in the well.
  3. Add water to the well and mix little by little.
  4. When all water has been added, form a dough with your hands.
  5. Put in your Kenwood Chef mixer and knead using the hook attachment for 5-7 minutes on setting 3-5. Start with 3 and work to 5.
  6. Leave the dough to rise for 1-2 hours.
  7. Cut into pieces and flatten with rolling pin, then it’s ready to use!


Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri – Angpow Nada

It’s the 2nd day of raya and I forgot to give my nephews and nieces their angpows. 😂

I was telling this to my sister in law and she was at the very moment packing $1 notes to give to children of visiting guests.

Apparently they will not leave if they have not received the coveted packet of money. True enough, once they received their angpows, they all left. 


Trying not to judge – maybe they just need the money – but me thinks it’s not nice to burden a household with this.

Please, this eid, release your relatives from this burden. Don’t stay and wait for the angpows. Stay to catch up, and laugh with them. 

I mean, times are hard, so it’s very understandable if some houses do away with this very new tradition. 

As a child, I do remember that this money giving tradition is pretty recent – isn’t it a borrowing of chinese culture from those times back in the 90s when Hari Raya clashed with Chinese New Year?

Anyway, whatever the origins of this tradition, please don’t expect your relatives to fork out raya packets to your children. If they do then that’s wonderful – but it’s not a must!

Spend your raya selfie-ing, ootd-ing, and catching up with your cousins in peace without expectation of monetary rewards.

Last, I leave you with photos of my outfit to keep cool this super hot day! (Taken outside near some eggplants 😂😂)


Recipe: Chicken Curry

Alhamdulillah I finally pandai cook chicken curry. All this while, I tried cooking and there’s always sommmmething missing- whether it’s the curry tasting a bit undercooked, the chicken not absorbing any flavour, or something is just off.

Malay cuisine is simply not my forte. But I’ve been experimenting, learning how we extract flavours, making things fragrant, etc.

Today however, I finally got it.. Chicken curry is conquered! In Malay culture, if I can cook curry, I can finally get married. Hahaa.

Normally I wouldn’t be so hardworking to try so many variations of chicken curry but it happens to be Husband’s favourite. What can I say? I’m a people pleaser. 😂

Anyway so I’m sharing the love so here is the recipe!

No Fail & Simple Chicken Curry


  • 6-7pcs chicken (ahout half a chicken)
  • 2x onions sliced
  • 3x garlic sliced
  • 2-3 tablespoon curry powder (I prefer the Antelope Brand Meat Curry Powder)
  •  1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 tablespoon oil
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons asam jawa
  • 1 tablespoon salt


  1. Set aside chicken and sprinkle with salt.
  2. Heat butter and oil then cook the garlic and onions till they brown.
  3. Add curry powder and cook until the oil separates.*
  4. Add in the chicken, and stir through until everything is coated evenly in curry and onions.
  5. Add in water and milk and wait for it to boil then add the asam jawa.
  6. Turn down the heat to let it simmer for at least 30-45 minutes.**

Best served over a bed of hot rice. 😍


* What does it mean when oil separates? Seperate from what? What does it look like? I don’t know if the is the correct term or I might just be translating this directly from Malay. But oil separates from the curry. To me, when I can see the oil sort of bubbling away from the curry, that is when u say it has separated. This step prevents the curry from tasting “raw”.

** Time makes a difference. I’ve noticed that the longer u simmer, the better tasting the curry is. Give the curry some time to marry with the chicken and let them stew to maximise the flavours. 

LET ME KNOW if u try this recipe! Enjoy!

One of Those Days + Blue Eden Kiulap

Rajin berabis.

Today after work, I went to do a food tasting at Blue Eden Cafe.

Quite memorable were their signature giant drinks, big huge jugs, PERFECT for the coming Ramadhan.

😂😂 Layak usul dorang kan. 

I, myself had a watermelon juice ($4 for the XL) so it’s definitely a place for the intensely thirsty 😂

Other than that, lovely with the usual favourites but definitely recommending their new salted egg yolk chicken wings. Lovely and salted egg as we know is the du jour ingredient of the year.

After, I went home (Husband already waiting – thankfully with full stomach), and decided to do laundry. Not just one load but TWO. U see I very productive or not???

Hung out the towels to dry outside, and the rest are on hangers outside my room under the fan.

Do you guys do this? Indoor drying? Any tips for me? For me I just keep the fan on slow just to keep the air moving but otherwise nothing special.

Not a big fan of housework as u can see. Hehe. Any tips appreciated!

Had to do some work after laundry but that took like 10 minutes only because I am awesome. 

(Templates. They make your life easy. That is all.)

THEN, u think that would be the end but no! Before I showered and decided to call it a night, I actually cleaned my makeup brushes! 

(Half of it only la since I need the other half to put on my face tomorrow. 😆) 

Ok I know it’s terrible and sort of disgusting but I NEVER CLEAN MY BRUSHES 😂😂😂😂 and in fact omg even my colleague Ching offers to clean them for me. I think she secretly thinks I am harbouring latest H1N1 virus on them. So believe me, this is so rare!!! 

So yes I cleaned my brushes with my Elf Brush Shampoo I bought years ago and have only used once. I just assume they’re still ok – can soap expire???

My Artís babies are drying. 😍😍

So now because I so rajin in the world I decided to blog too. 

I even tweeted before this. Only about the humidity but still!!

Anyway, maybe it’s the food at Blue Eden. What is their secret ingredient? Magic Elixir of Productivity? Cocaine? I should eat there more often!!!